Know Your Sith! Week Two: Darth Andeddu

Another week and here comes another Sith. Since we went with a Sith Lord from the most recent era of Star Wars lore, I thought this week we could go with one of the more ancient Darths. So don’t let his weird name scare you off, introducing:


 “Knowledge is power and true Sith do not share power.”

Race: Humanoid      Home Planet: Prakith

Claim to fame: Was able to master essence transfer and live for thousands of years.

Moment of Shame: Hiding for a thousand years and dying a few minutes after awakening.

Sith Affiliation: Andeddu stood apart from the other Sith Lords.

Darth Andeddu started out as just a mentioned Sith Lord in the Clone Wars era, the undercover Jedi Quinlan Vos using his lightsaber crystal for a time and his holocron gatekeeper showing up breifly. He became somewhat of a fan favorite, probably because of his silly name and not much information surrounding him. He showed up again in the Legacy Era Comics as Darth Krayt asked Andeddu’s holocron gatekeeper for the secret of essence transfer in order to stop his Yuzzahn Vong affliction from overtaking him.

Darth Andeddu lived thousands of years before the Legacy and Clone Wars eras. He was of the ancient Sith such as Karness Muur, Tulak Hord and Freedon Nadd, dabbling in Sith Sorcery in order to prolong life. The secret of immortality isn’t an uncommon thing with Sith and Andeddu was probably one of the most successful along with Karness Muur whom he developed many of his techniques from. Andeddu was a somewhat paranoid and cowardly Sith Lord, fleeing to his homeworld of Prakith for fear that the other Sith Lords were plotting to overthrow him for his knowledge and secret of sustaining life. He remained on Prakith until his body died and his own personal dark side cult “Malevolence” guarded his tomb until their master could return.

Talk to the hand Bitch!

Eventually Darth Krayt of the One Sith got ahold of Andeddu’s holocron and sent his right hand man Darth Wyyrlok to recover all of Andeddu’s knowledge on Prakith so he had more time to subjugate the galaxy under his rule. Wyyrlok’s quest boiled down to him having to face Andeddu one on one in the flesh after it was revealed that Andeddu’s holocron also held his essence in it and needed to be reunited with his body in order for him to be resurrected. After a pretty awesome yet short fight with Darth Wyyrlok, Andeddu is finally put to bed forever by the horned Sith Lord. Wyyrlok then plunders his remaining knowledge before departing Prakith and leaving Andeddu just as he feared for thousands of years…. dead by the hand of another Sith Lord who wanted his knowledge.

Andeddu may have been a coward, but he definitely had the right idea about survival and staying alive. He started off as menacing when he was finally resurrected and began his duel with Wyyrlok, but he was ultimately a coward as Wyyrlok pointed out before killing him. Definitely a knowledgeable Sith Lord, just not a very brave one.

Aaaaaaaaaand…. that’s Jenga.

Stay tuned next week for another installment of Know Your Sith!

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