Dexter Season 7: Behind the Scenes With the Cast

There are about a million reasons that I am excited for the premiere of Showtime’s Dexter: Season 7. Everyone I know who is a fan of this show is sick of waiting. The way that season 6 ended left everyone with lots of questions and ideas about what is coming next. I present to you now, a behind-the-scenes video that will titillate you Dexter fans:

The first full trailer that was shown at CCI was absolutely amazing! Everything down to the music playing in the background was perfect. In the beginning of this behind-the-scenes featurette, Michael C. Hall explains that the show is always at its best when Dexter is in hot water. He then explains that season 7 is the hottest the water has ever been. Hall also goes on to mention that everyone else in the past seasons who has known Dexter’s secret has died. He’s not going to kill his sister, and she’s not just going to disappear, so how do they live with the tension?

You see Deb digging into the other parts of Dexter’s life… questioning Jamie, digging through his apartment, looking over old cases… and that is what I am most excited about. Deb is an extremely intelligent character. Her intuition, though, is not the greatest. She somehow has yet to notice any of the clues that piled up to point to Dexter’s guilt in the past. I am left to wonder if she will look back at all of the little inconsistencies in Dexter’s cover-stories, and realize that he has been hiding his true colors his whole life. Honestly, she cannot believe that this is an isolated incident. Jennifer Carpenter mentions that Deb is very powerful and could at any moment just throw cuffs on her brother and put him away. I do not believe that she will do that; Deb has broken the rules before. When Deb caught Lumen and Dexter after they killed Jordan Chase in season 5, she let “number 13 and her vigilante” go free. But this is quite a lot to try to ignore.

There’s also the Louis situation. What the hell is his angle? Why did he send the prosthetic to Dexter? Is that going to change the whole idea Deb has about Dexter? Maybe since Dex bound Travis to the Altar the same way Rudy did to Deb, owns blood slides that look exactly like the ones Doakes collected, and owns the prosthetic from the Ice Truck Killer, maybe Deb will just think that Dexter became obsessed with the killers over the years? Maybe it will help him in the long run.

I have said this a hundred time, but I feel I must say it again… I cannot wait for September 30th! Oh yeah! And we have her to look forward to!

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