The Walking Dead: Season 3 Updates

AMC’s The Walking Dead is probably the most anticipated Fall premiere coming this year. I think I can speak for everyone when I say the anticipation is overwhelming. The release of little teasers and trailers do help calm me down, but I still crave so much more! Season 3 is going to be amazing! We already know about Michonne, the Prison, and the Governor, so it would be pretty difficult for them to screw this up.

Here are some visuals for you:

The Walking Dead: Season 3 Official Poster

I want a print of this!!

The first two seasons broke records all over the place. I can only imagine how many millions of people are going to tune in to the season 3 premiere! Of course, you can count me in! I am literally wet with excitement for October 14th!

I have thought from the beginning of the series that these episodes seem like short movies. The special effects and storyline are absolutely phenomenal, and movie quality. It would be sweet to see a Walking Dead film! Sadly, there is nothing official in the works. However, according to, it is a possibility for the future! Apparently, there have been subtle rumblings of a possible feature film to end the series’ running. We are only in season 3, so if it is going to happen, it will most likely be a little while.

There are a lot of different reasons why I can’t wait for season 3. I am curious if I will see the wee little baby this season. With Lori as skinny as she was at the end of last season, I seriously doubt it. If the baby is born, how the hell are they going to hide from walkers? Baby cries -> everyone gets eaten. Babies cry a lot… there’s no way to stop that unless you have a lot of duct tape and a cooperative mother. Unfortunately, I doubt that Lori has ever been cooperative. With anyone. Ever. Bitch.

Overall, season 2 was not the greatest, but I still have high hopes for season 3. They got complacent and knew the fans would follow no matter what. The drama took over. Season 3 promises epic storyline and more of the best zombies TV has to offer.

October 14th- I hungrily await you!

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