Jurassic Park 4 Concept Art Revealed – It Is Freaky!

Both Blastr and Io9 have revealed concept art for the scrapped Jurassic Park 4 project, and let’s just say it is not what you would have expected. The basic plot line revolved around genetic experiments, where humans and dinosaurs have been mixed together to form dinohuman cross breeds. These new creatures are quite the clever sort and are able to think for themselves, as well as being able to fire weapons! This was all back in 2005, but with possibly a new movie on the cards, let’s look at the Jurassic Park that could have been.

The concept was scrapped because it was apparently too bizarre. I can see the reasoning behind this. People coming to see a Jurassic Park film mainly want to see dinosaurs chasing after human folk. This cross breading scheme plot is not a safe bet for any main stream investors, as you cannot quite say if audiences would have liked it or not. Smithsonian also mentioned that the creatures would actually be soldiers of some kind, giving it an even weirder twist. The thought of normal dinosaurs getting smacked in the face by a giant dinoman or dinosoldiers mowing people down with their machine guns certainly sounds great, but it could very easily go down the route of being just a little to cheesy. In fact this entire plot does sound like it has come straight out of a low-budget Sci Fi movie.

Wait, that’s not right…

Genetic tomfoolery has been seen in the low-budget arena for years with films like Carnosaur (a rip off of Jurassic Park!) and Sharkman (dying man gets infused with shark dna), and it is also seen in comic books like Elephant Men.  Even Axe Cop has a dinosaur with gun arms that he uses to go into battle with! In fact Doctor Moreau was doing this kind of thing in movies in the late 70s on his island. The dinosaur angle is new but the premise is old. Although the idea sounds incredible to me, I think most main stream audiences would have avoided this, just because it has that air of low budget-ness about it. It does not feel like a Jurassic Park film. It would have certainly been an interesting film though, just look at the pictures below.

As you can see they had some great ideas on how to change the format. The design work looks incredible, with some gigantic creatures on display. It would have had the same magic that the first Jurassic Park displayed, when we saw the opening shots of the dinosaurs grazing. The sizes of some of the creatures alone would have been an interest factor to a lot of people. But not Jurassic Park fans. The first few films were great mini shock pieces that children and adults could go to and be amazed together. From the designs seen here, I doubt this film would have been rated less than a 12 as some of the dinomen look quite shocking. This would have alienated some of the audiences. Also we know from experience that certain audiences don’t like change. Look how Halloween 3 faired, a great film that was forgotten about because it went a completely different route from the series. Is there even still an audience for Jurassic Park films anymore anyway? Much like zombies, they did over saturate the market at one point. However this is all guess-work on my part; no one really knows how this film would have played out or how audiences would have responded to it. All we know for sure is that it would have been incredible sight to see.

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