Arrow: 1.04- “An Innocent Man”

If last week showed us nothing else, it established that the people behind Arrow have zero issue with cliff hangers. Boy, what a cliffhanger it was. Granted it wasn’t anything like “who shot JR?” but for a third episode of a first season? It was pretty solid.

Thankfully they started off this week right where they left off and we see Diggle wake up with an awesome “wtf just happened here?” look on his face. WTF indeed John. I really did like how instead of hearing Oliver’s speech and immediately jumping up asking “golly gee willikers Oliver, what hijinks will we find ourselves in next?!?” he just rolls his eyes and asks when Oliver took archer classes. Way to go John, I approve of your reaction.

I also approve of this:

Arrow An Innocent Man

It’s a mosaic of Oliver’s face made up of pictures of scenes from the episode. Pretty cool. Click here for their site, they have quite a few of them.

Arrow An Innocent Man
You tell him Oliver!

Back to it! If Yao Fei continues to do things like the classic “you don’t understand me but maybe if I say it louder and with more force that might help”, I will be forced to love him forever. The look on his face the last time he said whatever word it was, made me laugh like a madwoman. Then to find out he speaks English! Ah, that was just perfect.

This episode didn’t have a bad guy from the DC Universe but rather someone from “the book”. This week’s selection is named Jason Brodeur and he is a CEO who is the least prepared for anything bad to happen that I’ve ever seen. Seriously, if you own a big company, especially one that deals in chemicals, wouldn’t you have an “I’m dumping toxic waste and now that waste is hitting the fan” contingency plan? One that doesn’t involve killing the whistle-blower and blaming it on the husband? He also seemed as if he was completely caught off guard when Arrow came after him. Hmmm…. for three weeks now (in our world at least, I don’t know that they’ve given us a timeline on the Arrow world) there’s been a vigilante hunting down corrupt and evil business men and you are surprised he showed up for you? Come on now.

Speaking of people who aren’t prepared for the consequences to their own actions, Oliver, you need to work on your secret superhero-ness. Mainly the secret part. Have you not watched Batman ever? The Batcave is hidden for a reason.  That reason is hello! you don’t want anyone to know you are Arrow! Keep hiding your shit in the stairwell where there are cameras and you aren’t going to remain a secret for long. Or worse yet, you could get your ass arrested. I’m so disappointed in you. You may have learned to speak Russian and “Chinese” and how to use a bow and arrow but apparently Yao Fei failed in passing along “Superhero 101”.

Arrow An Innocent Man

I do however, have to commend the use of the voice changer. Very heads-up play. We all know that the voice would have given it away big time. It’s not like she COULDN’T SEE YOUR FACE FROM TEN FEET AWAY! I was unaware of the fact that apparently Laurel suffers from night blindness. Either that or that smeared on mask is doing an incredible job. There are a lot of things I’m willing to go fourth wall on but come on, this was a bit ridiculous.

Last week my ire was all for Thea, this week it’s Laurel. In addition to the aforementioned inability to recognize her former fiance when he’s standing right next to her, she had quite a few moments where I just couldn’t do anything but shake my head. On one hand, it’s cute that she went to the house to check on Oliver after the shooting but come on, you guys aren’t together anymore so why don’t we go ahead and skip the sanctimonious speeches. I understand it was needed to show the difference in her reaction to Oliver vs. Arrow but still, blech. Then you would think a cop’s kid would be a little bit more wary of an apartment that has no power. You would also think that maybe she wouldn’t keep her gun in an unlocked drawer! Gun safety, gun safety!!

Laurel Lance Arrow An Innocent Man

Last I checked, Laurel is a lawyer in the legal aid office. I’m not up to date on my “what lawyers do what” but I daresay there aren’t many that go from suing a big time business owner to a class action suit against the manufacturer of smoke alarms to death penalty cases. Laurel better become the Black Canary soon because she’s getting on my nerves. At least we didn’t have to deal with “good” Merlyn this week.

Best parts of the episode? Three names; Walter, Felicity, and Digg.

Oh, Walter you smart, smart man. I knew the minute you mentioned that 2.6 million that something was fishy with Moira and so did you. Now you just need to figure out what the deal with that shipwreck is. Why would Moira keep that a secret? Same reason she had Oliver beat up, obviously, but now there are more layers that need to be investigated. Oooohhh, the intrigue! Not to mention, why did she call it Tempest? Is this incredibly handsome “Well Dressed Man” perhaps the Tempest/aka Garth? But if that’s the case then Garth would have gone bad, and what if Moira and the beautiful man aren’t necessarily bad guys? What if they are just misunderstood? All I know is, I can’t wait to find out.

Arrow An Innocent Man

If I were running the show I’d dump Thea and Laurel and just have the show be all Felicity, all the time. She is just so freaking adorable! I mean seriously, she has one scene in the entire episode and she just steals it outright. However, when she first showed up all I could think was “how on earth did this chick from IT just waltz into the CEO’s office without the slightest of problems?”, but thankfully she mentioned Walter calling her up to his office. Whew, that would have bothered me for awhile. I tend to worry about really important things like that.

Arrow An Innocent Man Felicity Smoak

 No surprise, best parts of the episode belong to John Diggle. First he basically told Oliver to shove his head up his ass because there was no way he was going to be a  criminal. Then he quit! Of course that was inevitable but it did allow some comic relief with his replacement. Dude was a bit of an idiot, but at least he had a “firm grip”. When he returned to Big Belly Burgers the “did Deadshot kill John’s brother?” question was answered. Apparently he did, which is good to know. This of course was the push John needed to go ahead and join Oliver. I do wonder though, is he Alfred? He did say he wasn’t a sidekick so is he someone they just added to the Green Arrow world or is he loosely based on someone else? There is no way he can be Speedy. I mean he can, but I won’t be happy about it. Lord knows the writers want to keep me happy!

Arrow An Innocent ManIf John’s sister-in-law had an issue with him doing personal security I can only imagine how less than thrilled she’s going to be with “superhero’s sidekick but not a sidekick sidekick” job he’s got now. I wonder if it comes with dental.

Minus the Laurel annoyances, I really loved this episode. I think it’s a little ballsy how fast they are moving the plot along but I like it. They could have drug out the “Ollie ditches his bodyguard everyday” schtick for at least a couple more episodes but at least this way we’ll get to see more of Diggle than just his reaction to being given the slip.

There wasn’t a whole lot of references to the DC Universe in this episode. Well there might have been but I only caught a few. If you follow the Flash then you know about Iron Heights Penitentiary. Apparently the criminals housed there are so dumb they can’t figure out that if you walk in a single file or even in pairs everyone will fit through the door. They looked like a bunch of doofuses piled up in the doorway. Then of course there was the “10:15 to Bludhaven”. Everyone knows about Bludhaven. It does beg the question, if Bludhaven is just a train ride away then maybe Nightwing will be coming to Starling City? Oh yes please!

I’m fairly certain it has nothing to do with DC Universe but I did catch one of the names on the list. None other than Charles Davenport. Hmmm, yes that is a man that perhaps the Arrow should pay a visit. Yikes.

Episode 5/”Damaged” airs on November 7th.

*I’m aware that I promised a shirtless Oliver Queen picture each week but sadly there just wasn’t any shirtless scenes this week. The closest we got was pensive Oliver.

Arrow An Innocent Man
If he were to ever change his mind there would be an obscene number of people screaming

Arrow An Innocent Man

Until next time Arrow fans!

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