All Superheroes Must Die: ‘Saw’ meets ‘The Running Man’…with Superheroes?

We have some information on an interesting new movie called All Superheroes Must Die. Before I go into too much detail of the story, here is the teaser trailer to give you an idea of what type of film director Jason Trost has made.

Looks pretty interesting does it not? From the get go it is action packed and has a very dark edge to it. Here is the full trailer which gives a lot more information away.

Now this looks like an incredibly exciting concept for a film. The low tech approach to the superheroes is probably to do with budgetary reasons, but I think in this case it will actually work in the films favor, because it gives it a Kick Ass feel to it. Young (possibly inexperienced) superheroes fighting against a tournament of death with what seems like no powers, has must see written all over it. For the superhero movie genre this is a new way of thinking. But there are parallels to other movies as well. The first that springs to mind is the Saw franchise. An older main villain who has set a series of life threatening traps involving civilians which look like they will go off unless the superhero does something they don’t really want to do. Yes this has all the makings of a Saw meets Kick Ass extravaganza. The photography has that very dark and grainy look we all associate with Saw movies as well.

all superheroes must die heroes

The more exciting thing I noticed however was how it felt a lot like The Running Man. There are at least two super villains in here, one pumped up fighter in a massive homemade wrestling ring and a psycho Uncle Sam with a flame thrower. I am sure this is just the tip of the iceberg for the super villains in this movie. The personalized settings for each villain and what looks like their own mode of killing (brute strength and fire) certainly harks back to this classic 80’s movie.

The inclusion of a sinister, yet calm villain played by James Remar (Dexter and The Warriors) looks to be a great casting choice. What I noticed about his character is he seems a lot like the assassin Arcade from Marvel Comics. In the comics he would torment the heroes by putting them into killer challenges, all involving them having to figure out a way of not getting murdered. They both even have a bow tie (though to be fair Arcades is a lot bigger).

All this in just a short 1 minute and 30 second trailer! This movie has a release date of January time, but it is unclear if or how long it will have a cinema release for. No matter what happens, on its release this is a film to look out for in the future.

Source: Bleeding Cool

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