The Walking Dead: 3.07 – “When The Dead Come Knocking” Review

After letting this last episode of The Walking Dead absorb into my brain, I must say that it is one of the best of the series. “When the Dead Come Knocking” was spectacular for several reasons, not the least of which being that Rick hot his groove back! I was nervous when he was losing his marbles that he would just remain the group basket case, and they’d need a new leader. Not only did Rick get his shit together, but he also talked to Carl about what happened with Lori. Now, I don’t know about you all, but most of the families I know hate confrontation and love to brush issues under the rug, no matter how serious. This was a proud moment as a Rick Grimes fan. He’s taking care of business again! He also let Carl name the wee baby Grimes, Judith.

Episode 6 ended with Michonne arriving at the prison, and that was the part I was most excited about. I love how she is always protecting herself, to the point where she will put herself in more danger! She had a bad feeling about Woodbury, so she left, putting herself in even more danger to be killed by walkers. She is one seriously badass character.

Michonne passed out from blood loss and Rick and the boys brought her inside of the prison. Hershel fixed up her wound and she was thankful. She was talking to Rick and was extremely defensive, as always. But this is not a trait specific to Michonne, she just approaches it differently. She protects herself by sometimes not saying anything at all, and mean-mugging everyone. Rick treats everyone with the same skepticism and has sometimes had to kill human beings for putting him or his loved ones in danger. I would say that Michonne and Rick are really a lot alike as both will do whatever becomes necessary to protect themselves.

Glenn getting the living hell beaten out of him by Merle was the most horrifying thing in this episode. Although, he did manage to display how much of a total badass he is.

Maggie was, of course, forced to strip the top half of her clothes off  and was almost sexually assaulted. That was hard to watch.  After all of that, she spilled to the Governor where their group was hiding out, because Glenn’s life was being threatened.

Proving she can play ‘awkward topless’ more than one way, here is Maggie in the cinematic classic VAN WILDER 2…

I have been at the edge of my seat since Sunday, awaiting the mid-season finale “Made to Suffer”. Join me on Sunday, as I pick apart the highly anticipated episode and make my undoubtedly incorrect predictions for the remainder of season 3.

5/5 Bears.



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