What is a Wii Mini and Who Would Want It?

Is anyone planning to get the new Nintendo console that just came out?  Sure, but which one are you talking about?  Only last year Nintendo released the Wii Family Edition.  Essentially what “Family” means is that you can no longer play Gamecube games, and the unit lays flat instead of up on its side.  Most recently, we have all seen, heard about, and maybe even gotten our hands on the Wii U.  This is the legit new console offered from Nintendo.  Parents beware.  If you go to the store and ask for the new Wii console, a third has been thrown into the mix.  December 7th, a day that will live in infamy, will also foster in the Canadian release of Nintendo’s latest installment, the Wii Mini.

The Wii Mini will have a stellar price tag of $99, but will severely cut back on features.  Not only has backwards compatibility with Gamecube games been eliminated, the unit will no longer support internet access.  This means the glorious Virtual Console will not be accessible.  The two things that could have suckered me into purchasing the 6 year old system will now be void.

At first I was intrigued, but now I am just disappointed.  That was until I looked over to my television set and saw a blast from the past known as the SNS-101, aka the Super Nintendo Mini.  Nintendo isn’t doing anything differently here.  Production will soon cease of all first party Wii games to make way for the new Wii U.  Respectfully so, the classic Wii game is a dying breed.  So it makes sense to come out with an affordable unit capable of playing their most recent over saturated market of games.  The holidays are the perfect time to snag even the Scroogiest of McDucks that STILL haven’t purchased a Wii console.  The SNS-101 was released in 1997 for $99 right when the Nintendo 64 was introduced.  This is a classic move straight from the Nintendo playbook, and the craziest part is that it will probably work.  Nintendo marketing has done an exceptional job over the last 30 years.  They wouldn’t still be relevant if they hadn’t.

So who is the Wii Mini for?

I recommend this as a family oriented gaming system, especially if you have young children.  Few would disagree that the Wii game library targets a younger audience.  Sometimes I find myself in this market.  Though I am tech savvy, I rarely participate in online gameplay.  I just like to put in a game and play.  It’s just me and the box.  In that regards, I actually kind of like the Wii Mini.  Regardless of features, a $99 price tag should prove somewhat appetizing to those that have resisted the Wii madness the past six years.  That being said, I say once again “Bravo” to Nintendo marketing.  The release of the Wii Mini will initially be limited to Canada.  If it succeeds, which I am projecting it will, I am sure it will find its way to all North American and European markets.  So if you bring this one home for the holidays, be safe.  Wii related incidents can be common, and are most definitely hilarious.

Warning: This is not the Wii mini

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