Justified: Season 4 – Raylan, Boyd, and Patton Oswalt? Plus 3 New Trailers…

My love of Justified is no secret. Raylan Givens is a near perfect TV hero and Boyd Crowder make an excellent foil to our hero. The actors (Olyphant and Goggins) share some of the best on-screen chemistry in all of television. The first 3 years of the FX show have given us some of the best action/drama this side of Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad.

So far we’ve seen US Deputy Marshall Raylan Givens kill a gun runner in Miami, reunite with his super hot ex-wife, execute most of the Bennett Clan, save Loretta McCready multiple times, square off with a Detroit Gangster, and repeatedly outdraw people. We have also seen him bury his aunt, put his Dad in prison, get his ass kicked by Coover Bennett, lose a bar fight he started, and once again get dumped by his super hot ex-wife. He sure is fun to watch. An old school badass on new-school TV, I love it.

Now with the 4th season ready to start, we’ll see him dealing with some new characters, including one of my favorite comedians – Patton Oswalt. Oswalt is playing Bob Sweeney:

[quote]”a local constable who went to high school with Raylan and has been hired by the lawman to watch Arlo’s house”[/quote]

Justified Season 4

Also joining the cast is veteran character actor Ron Eldard (Sleepers, Black Hawk Down)…

TVLine has learned exclusively that ER‘s Ron Eldard is joining the FX drama’s Season 4 cast in the recurring role of Colt, a violent, dark-humored and rule-bending sergeant with the military police.

A veteran of Desert Storm, as well as the Iraq and Afghan wars, Colt jailed Boyd (Walton Goggins) several times during Boyd’s stint in Kuwait, and they became friends.

Justified Season 4

And here are the newest trailers for the upcoming 4th season, which starts January the 8th…

Trailer: “Raise the Stakes”

Teaser: “Muzzle”

Teaser: “Headlights”

I’m ready for the New Year…and Aja Evans as “Sharon Edmunds”…

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