DC Shows Signs of Continued Life for Vertigo…

DC Entertainment on Wednesday announced three key promotions for its Vertigo arm — the same division from which progenitor Karen Berger recently announced she’d be departing. While we’d like to join in offering our congratulations to new Executive Editor Shelly Bond, Group Editor Will Dennis, and Editor Mark Doyle, we’re far more jazzed about the fact that DC promoted the promotions than the promotions themselves.

shelly bond, Vertigo's new executive editor
Vertigo’s New Executive Editor Shelly Bond

Did you grok that? If not, let’s try again: DC reaching out to media about several editorial promotions is just the right move to build our confidence that the Vertigo line is in fact still a priority for DC Entertainment. Like many, we had our doubts (and some still admittedly linger).

The decision, for instance, to cancel the long-running Hellblazer, and replace it with a John Constantine book set in the DC Universe proper had fans calling foul and thinking it was a signal of the death knell of Vertigo. Other titles ending, such as critical darling Sweet Tooth by Jeff Lemire — even though it was conceived as a finite series — and the clues seemed to be there that Vertigo was due to doom by slow attrition, title by title. DC hasn’t been afraid to cancel (admittedly younger, unproven) initiatives in the past, such as Minx and Zuda. Add to that Berger’s departure announcement, and you can see how fans are justifiably rattled.

Sweet Tooth

But with this — DC giving more outreach than usual to a personnel move, and replacing Berger with someone like Bond, who has an established (and noteworthy) history at Vertigo, can help to quell some fears.

Berger, who is reportedly slated to depart in March, was quoted lauding praise on Bond, Dennis, and Doyle, and finished the quote with, “Vertigo is in the best of hands.”

Bond launched what has been the line’s flagship title for basically its entire decade of existence, Fables. (The PR reveals the interesting trivia that she was Bill Willingham‘s editor waaaayyyy back when on the Comico series The Elementals, which only increases our respect and optimism for her new executive turn).

Death, it seems, is still the cute gothy sister of Dream (The Sandman), and not likely where Vertigo will find itself in a few short months.

Vertigo - Death