Japanese ‘Iron Man 3’ Trailer: New Footage – Different Tone…

The Iron Man 3 trailer hit the net a while ago and has most likely got fan boys and girls jumping up and down with excitement. The only down side to this particular trailer is that the future looks a bit bleak for poor Tony Stark. He gets blown up left, right and center, and then has to survive a drowning. If you have forgotten how much of a beating he takes watch the trailer below.

As you can see Tony has his life ruined from the top to the bottom. In Japan it seems they do not want as much doom and gloom, so they made a slightly different version for their audiences. Gamma Squad gave us our first glimpse of this.

This trailer seems to take a more linear approach with the chaos and even has an extra scene with Pepper Potts coming to say hi to Tony like they are husband and wife. This trailer also shows them together in a more intimate way. The dramatic Avengers style music really helps to make it seem more heroic (that’s probably why they craftily put in a clip from The Avengers movie to). In both trailers Tony seems to be suffering from guilt and remorse over the events that happened in The Avengers movie, but in the Japanese trailer they seem to be setting it up much more for the Tony Stark as an underdog storyline (like Rocky, just with more metal involved), while the American one just shows him as a pretty useless superhero getting thrown about like a rag doll and moaning a lot. Though we do not learn much more from these trailers by comparing them, it is pretty cool to see how different cultures promote their movies for their audiences. We also get two looks at Iron Man 3 which is never a bad thing!

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