Webcomic Wednesday: The Abominable Charles Christopher

Welcome to Webcomic Wednesday, in which we feature comics available for free on the innerwebs.

With the ubiquity of webcomics — let’s face it, there are like a million — fans of sequential storytelling don’t have a dilemma when it comes to finding them; the difficulty is discovering those needles in this haystack that are most appealing to each person. For every “Hark, a Vagrant” or “Homestuck,” which have garnered tons of fans, success, and acclaim, there may be 100 barely glanced at strips that are of a similar quality, sensibility, or enjoyment. (And popularity being relative on the Internet, we’re willing to bet that a bunch of folks never heard of even those stalwarts).

With that, we offer a weekly webcomic spotlight in which we’ll share the strips and stories we enjoy in the hopes that you’ll do the same — or perhaps use our suggestions as a springboard to discover more cool webcomics (which you should then feel free to share with us!).

First up:

The Abominable Charles Christopher

Main page.

First Strip.


Scheduled: Every Wednesday.


It may surprise fans of Karl Kerschl , whose resume includes some stellar work on The Flash and a Teen Titans mini for DC, as well as co-creating Assassin’s Creed comic adaptations, that since June 2007 the Canadian artist has been doing  a webcomic starring a wendigo-like creature living among a menagerie of woodland animals. The story is charming, emotive, sad, endearing, and funny, much in the way the very best classic Disney animated movies could be. (Charles Christopher reminds a little of “Sasquatch” from the “Darkstalkers” video game series as well, which you may find to be further endearing, as do I).

The Abominable Charles Christopher is beautiful and engrossing; if there’s a negative it’s that you may end up wiling away far too many hours trying to catch up on several years’ worth of Wednesdays. (But it’s worth the risk. Mein gott, that beautiful art).


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