A Good Day to Die Hard: Trailers and Fun Stuff Brings Families Together…

So with a brand new year come a need for a grand way to kick it off in good old American fashion, and doesn’t get much more American than John McClane. So Valentine’s Day 2013 he’s going to Russia to show ’em how ‘Murica does it. We have a few new trailers and featurettes that have debuted on the internet in the last few days, and we figured to gather them all up for everyone so you can enjoy in the awesomeness that is Bruce Willis’ signature franchise.

If you’ve been living under a rock, John McClane (Willis, obviously) is in Russia to get his son Jack (Jai Courtney) out of trouble. However, having seen the first four movies, we all realize by now that trouble surrounds the McClane clan like a moth to a flame, so you know some hijinks are about to ensue. They recently released a good featurette with Jai Courtney about taking the role of John McClane’s son Jack:

We want to save the best stuff for last, as we have posters and the new trailer released in the last few days that has the best shot I’ve seen in a trailer in a long time and we pulled for the lead in pic with the helicopter jump. Just watch the trailer and see.

I figured to let the videos and the pictures do the talking. A Good Day to Die Hard comes out on February 14th, 2013. So enjoy some more TV spots and posters and of course, Yippie-kay-yay Mother Russia.


a good day to die hard poster

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