‘Archer’ Season 4 Clips to Help You Survive the Next Few Weeks

If I have to educate people on how awesome Archer is and that it’s one of the best (can I add underrated?) television shows on right now, then the world is lost to me. However, if you are a loyal reader to this site, you should know our love for Archer. If you’re not a loyal reader, then you really should be because we have great stuff and writers on this site that you’re missing out on. Anyways, we have a trailer plus several clips to help you get by through the day. So I’ll sit back and let you watch them because you really don’t need me to ramble on about how this show needs to get some sort of nomination from the Emmys or Golden Globes for writing alone. Just brilliant I say.

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Added bonus before the clips, a media day thing that the ArcherFX Channel on YouTube threw in:

Archer Season 4 premieres Thursday January 17th, 2013 on FX at 10pm.

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