Evil Dead: Remake Red Band Trailer #2 is Awesome.

“The remake’s gonna kick ass – you have my word.” – Bruce Campbell

April 12th and the release of the latest Evil Dead could not come soon enough. You see, once upon a time, there were two friends named Sam and Bruce that grew up in two small Michigan towns named Birmingham and Royal Oak.  On a shoe string budget, these two were capable of developing and producing one of the greatest horror franchises of all time.  Quite simply put, they had an audience that craved blood, and they delivered. And it’s not just Michiganders that have a strong affection for the franchise, but horror enthusiasts across the world.

Though it just isn’t possible for the original makers to develop any kind of legitimate sequel at this time, that didn’t stop Fede Alvarez from creating what appears to be a gorefest of a remake. Alvarez has done so with full support from the original creators as Bruce Campbell, Sam Raimi, and Robert G. Tapert are all producers. Staying true to the original, it seems most of the special effects are practical, not CGI. Rather, the effects are more illusions and magic tricks which any true horror fan should appreciate. Have a look…

I can say that I have honestly enjoyed much of this new horror remake wave we have been subjected to recently, and this may be the best of the bunch. There hasn’t been an original thought in Hollywood for longer than anyone can remember so what is the harm in taking what was old, and reviving it?  I suppose I am just trying to see the silver lining.  Is the original Evil Dead amazing?  Yes.  Does that mean there isn’t room for improvement, or if anything, room for a grander budget?  I say, “No.”

Evil Dead

How do you feel about horror remakes?  What has been your favorite so far?

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