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The Japanese Evil Dead: Gory Knockoff Coming Soon To U.S. Home Video

Wild Eye Releasing has debuted a new trailer for the long lost Japanese horror knockoff film titled officially Bloody Muscle Body Builder in Hell (or Jigoku No Chimidoro Muscle Builder). Otherwise, unofficially known, as The Japanese Evil Dead.

In the film, which has never before been released in the U.S., a bodybuilder trapped inside a haunted house must save himself from a ghost hell-bent on revenge. After a surprise phone call interrupts his daily workout, beefy bodybuilder Shinji agrees to meet his photojournalist ex-girlfriend to help with her research on haunted houses. Accompanied by a professional psychic, they visit an abandoned house once owned by Shinji’s father. But inside the house, a dark secret lingers and they find themselves trapped and tormented by a relentless ghost with a 30-year grudge.

Check out the trailer, courtesy of Bloody Disgusting, for Bloody Muscle Body Builder in Hell (aka The Japanese Evil Dead) below:

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New Movies Get A Retro Spin With These Awesome VHS Cover Sleeves

Last year we had some pretty fun retro based movies come our way. Mad Max: Fury Road gave us some awesome action (mostly) without the use of today’s CGI effects, while Turbo Kid had splatter gore lovingly thrown into a great 80s techno-scored storyline. But is there any way these throwback themed movies could get more retro? How about having specially made VHS covers for them? I think that would do it.

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Ash vs Evil Dead Renewed Before Halloween Series Premiere!

Some great news for the loyal Deadites out there patiently awaiting the Halloween premiere of Ash vs Evil Dead. Starz has already greenlit a second season, presumably based on the buzz leading up to the premiere, as well as some great reviews over the last few weeks.

Of course, a lot of that buzz can be attributed to the loyal fan base that Bruce Campbell has built over the years, and with his return to the role that made him famous there is no doubt that Starz saw potential in the series and one of the most well-known chins in cult movie history.

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Countdown to Halloween: A History of Modern Horror

Written by: Bobby Panzarella

Almost anyone you ask will tell you that horror’s Golden Era resides firmly within the ’80s (though the ’90s certainly held their own). How could it not be the ’80s? It was the decade of slasher villains, practical effects, and kickass synthesizer soundtracks. Not to mention just sheer greatness in numbers; we’re lucky to get one good horror movie a year nowadays! But one of the last gems of that era, Scream, has proven to be both a deafening end to the heyday of horror, and the beginning of something new.

Though it so effortlessly brought together and celebrated all the essential trademarks of the films before it, it effectively labeled the entire genre as silly and clichéd, not unlike what the Austin Powers films did for the James Bond series. Post Scream and its subsequent imitators (I Know What You Did Last Summer, Urban Legend, etc.), the state of horror has been hard to nail down. I’ve broken things down to a few major categories to give you a better grasp on what horror means to the millennial generation.

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Welcome to Our Nightmares! GB’s Writers Share Their Freakiest Moments

At last it’s October, and we’re celebrating Halloween all month long. To kick things off, several of our writers have each agreed to share what freaked them out the most – as it relates to movies, TV, comics, books, or pop culture, naturally.

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Homemade Horror: Prelude To Halloween

With Halloween fast approaching, Grizzly Bomb has dusted off the keyboard and delved deep into the crypts of the world-wide web to dig out some really unique, fun and creepy horror creations made by independent artists with a very unique style.

This collection of artistic creation is all neatly bundled together for you, giving you a visual guided tour of some of the web’s coolest creations.

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Promotional Dead: The DVD, Poster And VHS Art of The Evil Dead

The Evil Dead movies have left an enduring legacy of horror and slap stick that continues to this day.

With news of The Evil Dead now making the move to television, it seemed just the right time to take a brief look at a few artist encounters with the Deadites.

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Halloween Special: YouTube’s Horrific Halloween Shorts!

For me Halloween is not a time for gallivanting about, looking for parties and candy. No, for me Halloween is just another in the long line of excuses I use to sit on my behind watching horror movies. But what to watch? With a full day of Halloween styled movies at my disposal, sometimes it’s nice to have some filler in-between the big movies, to get some much-needed food and drink into the system before moving onto the next flick. Lucky for me YouTube has a ton of horror shorts ready for consumption. This is a short selection of some of the more interesting ones I found during my on-line travels.

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3 Evil Dead Shorts You’ll Want to See

Evil Dead is for all year round, not just Halloween. Now, this was not an official advertisement for the Sam Raimi classic but it blooming well should have been. Even 30+ years after its release, Evil Dead still has the power to shock and entertain audiences in a way that is both visceral and cartoonishly fun. The remake had mixed reviews (Grizzly Bomb has our own opinion of it) but it did give a new spin on an old classic for an audience who may not have known about it. This brings us nicely to the videos below. Each one of them has taken an aspect of the Evil Dead franchise and reworked it into a whole new version. So before you decide to watch the Evil Dead series on Halloween why not watch these beforehand and see the movies in a whole new light? But be warned: Some of these videos are not for the faint of heart or for young kiddies, so keep them hidden behind the sofa before viewing.

The Evil Dead in 60 Seconds With Clay

This was originally part of Empire Magazine’s 2010 Jameson Awards, where people were asked to make a 60-second version of their favourite films. YouTuber Lee Hardcastle decided what better way to show tribute to Evil Dead than by turning it into Claymation. But this is not your standard Nick Park creation – Wallace and Gromit would be sickened by the disgusting acts that happen here – the great thing is how close to the actual deaths Lee manages to get with just a handful of clay. The short is gross but hugely entertaining. The British voices and style of humor that run throughout this piece just make it that little bit special and unique.

Evil Dead 2 – Rotoscoped

Rotoscoping is a process in which original film stock is traced over frame by frame by an artist to create a completely different look (See A Scanner Darkly or Waking Life). PFR Studios have done just that and created this spectacular display of animation for Evil Dead 2. Taking half of the Evil Dead 2 trailer they crafted a visually stunning piece that seems fresh every time you see it. PFR’s YouTube channel has several other examples of rotoscoping at work, so if you enjoyed seeing this brief clip be sure to visit their page.

Evil Dead – An Animated Tribute

This one grabs you as soon as you see those Deadite eyes staring right into your soul. Here’s what creator Daniel Kanemoto had to say about this piece:

“I created all the artwork in the sequence, but the final image is directly inspired by an incredible EVIL DEAD poster created by Olly Moss. The moment I saw it, I only wanted to see it move — which is how I feel about all great posters. The new wave of artists working with Mondo have made movie posters worth collecting again, and that’s a great thing. I hope to someday join their ranks.”

This has to be one of the most inventive and compelling Evil Dead images I have ever seen. Using Raimi’s own kinetic directorial style, this short whips you through the Evil Dead trilogy at such a breakneck speed you don’t even have time to catch your breath. Daniel quotes inspiration from Olly Moss but I think I also saw a bit of Jason Edmiston artwork in there too, certainly with the Evil Dead 2 Ash popping up. Not sure if one influenced the other or if their styles are just the same but it hardly matters as both have a unique style of artwork. The fact that everything flows so nicely and the short never feels overloaded with Evil Dead references is testament to Kanemoto’s fine direction and craftsmanship. It looks like it could be an intro to a video game.

So there you have it! Three different takes on one of the most lovable and endlessly entertaining horror series of all time. Hope this gets you in the spirit to go camping. Klaatu barada nikto!

Evil Dead Bonanza! Interviews with Cast and News of More Sequels?

The internet has been on fire recently with tons of Evil Dead news, so here is a breakdown of some of the more exciting pieces of information all in a handy digest form. First off to wet your horrific appetites are some new clips and photos from Uproxx and Bloody Disgusting showing us a little bit more of the new Evil Dead film before its release this weekend. Below are the recently released clips of the movie showing us a little bit more deadite action.

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