Marvel Preview: Captain Marvel #10

Carol Danvers has been a longtime favorite of comic fans, from her first outing as Ms. Marvel, followed by her cosmic run as Binary, and they even stood by her throughout the Warbird phase. Then the return to Ms. Marvel sparked a new golden age for the character as she received a new series and became a mainstay figure in the various Avengers titles. Now we see Carol Danvers finally accepting the role she earned a long time ago, in the pages of her new series Captain Marvel.

Written by Kelly Sue DeConnick, Carol’s adventures so far have given us a good look at the woman behind the mask, delivered by someone who clearly loves the character. We have yet to really see a huge supervillain battle or even some kind of arch nemesis for Carol, which only proves what an enjoyable read each issue has been so far. This is set to continue as we take a look at the latest preview from Marvel and Kelly Sue DeConnick.

[box_dark]Marvel is pleased to present your first look at Captain Marvel #10 from the red-hot creative team of Kelly Sue DeConnick and Filipe Andrade! When Captain Marvel finds herself with her feet firmly planted in the ground, she must dig deep in order to find a way to get back in the air! But what keeps the super hero from being super heroic and who wants her to stay that way? Find out in Captain Marvel #10 including a guest appearance by Captain America, this February![/box_dark]

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This looks like more greatness from DeConnick and Andrade, and I love to see the Captain’s interacting. It was Cap who first encouraged her to take on the name of her mentor, and I was hoping we would see more interaction between these two Avengers, who have worked together for so long as leaders and friends.

Captain Marvel #10 – “Grounded!” hits stores on Feb. 20th.

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