Captain America: Winter Soldier – Cap Finds His New Leading Lady…

Some big casting news on the Captain America: Winter Soldier front as it looks like Steve Rogers has found his new leading lady. According to reports, Emily VanCamp of Revenge fame has scored the coveted leading role for the new Marvel film.

This comes off the heels of the news that Hayley Atwell will NOT be returning to the sequel, which is sad but necessary considering she’d be about 90 in the sequel. Still, it would’ve been great to see Cap get some closure with her Peggy Carter character, especially after a great deleted scene from the Avengers where he sees her file and lets it linger as the scene documents his struggle to adjust to modern times.


Regardless, this should be a good addition for the cast, in which she shall see Anthony Mackie playing Falcon and a possible return for Bucky (Sebastian Stan) if the storyline holds with the comic version of Winter Soldier. Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) and Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders) are also rumored to be in the story as well, so we should expect the good ol’ Avengers team crossovers still taking place to connect these Phase 2 movies into the Avengers sequel.


Although I have not seen Revenge, I keep hearing good things about it (well, at least the first season). I do remember VanCamp from Everwood so it’s just fun to see that she has slowly graduated from a WB show, to headlining an ABC show, to now the female lead in a huge big budget Marvel movie. She should be a good choice for the role and will be interesting to see what character she will play. Sharon Carter might ring a bell, but whether they reposition her as a relative to Peggy or someone else, I guess time will tell. The directors are Anthony and Joe Russo, who come in with an Arrested Development background (or at least that’s what I choose to reference them to) and the release date will be April 4, 2014. This will follow Iron Man 3 this summer and Thor: The Dark World  in November. Guardians of the Galaxy, helmed by James Gunn, being the final piece of the Phase 2 puzzle coming out in 2014 before we get Avengers 2. Ant-Man has been confirmed as the start of Phase 3, with them gunning at a late 2015 release for the Edgar Wright film.

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