First Look at Ashley Greene in New Horror Film ‘Random’

A lot of actors and actresses get pigeon-holed into certain roles after a while, and after the Twilight movies Ashley Greene is pretty much known as ‘the girl from Twilight’. Whether that’s fair or not, considering it was a popular franchise that has grossed hundreds of millions of dollars with each movie, it tends to overshadow her other roles in The Apparition or even a stint on ABC’s ill-fated Pan Am. With her newest role, she seems to want to shake that and prove she can pull off the villain. First evidence? Try Random‘s first promotional picture below, provided from Entertainment Weekly:

Ashley Greene

This isn’t the Ashley Greene America knows, that’s for sure. In Random, she plays Violet, who is the leader of a group of outcasts that terrorize a college student that is alone on campus during Thanksgiving break. The movie also stars Lucas Till, most recently Havok from X-Men: First Class and Haley Bennett of The Hole and The Haunting of Molly Hartley. Not much is known other than what we have from EW, but Greene made it known that she wanted to inhabit this role, even to the point of pulling a Rooney Mara a la The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and wanting to get the piercings for real. That didn’t happen, but she still managed to research her new role intensely to make sure she brings the right character alive to the screen. She’s definitely got the creepy, emo, goth vibe down so she’s looking on her way when this horror thriller movie comes out later this year.

Naturally, in case you forgot, she does not look like this normally. She did a Sobe ad a few years ago. In body paint. You’re welcome.

Ashley Greene

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