Happy 57th Birthday VHS! YouTube Function Lets You Celebrate in Style With Tape Mode…

For a lot of people the date April the 14th 1956 will mean nothing. But for VHS fans far and wide this was the birth of something very special. It was on this date at the National Association of Radio and Television Broadcasters Convention that the first VHS machine was revealed to awe-struck onlookers. The machine was the Ampex VRX-100. Looking at it now it appears a strange machine, but you can see the basic structure that would be incorporated into the more popular VCR players that helped to revolutionize the home entertainment business that we know of today. For more information on this epic event from near 60 years ago, you can read this transcript by Charles P.Ginsburg on Labguysworld website which goes into more detail.

Machine Photo from www.oobject.com
Machine Photo from Oobject

So what does this have to do with YouTube? Well The Verge has reported that to celebrate this historic event for the fans of the VHS genre, YouTube has put a VHS button on random videos in their catalog that gives the video you are watching that VHS grainy and jumpy feel. Look on the video you are watching and there will be a little VHS icon which when selected gives the desired effect. Below is one of the videos that has the VHS option.

As a fan of VHS myself I found it a fun little quirky option for videos, but it did not entirely feel like the VHS viewing on an actually VCR player and feels a little to exaggerated for my tastes. Still this is yet another sign that VHS is rising from the ashes and for people who have no idea what the format looked like it is a great trip to the past. I did have problems with some YouTube videos with this option that it did not load the application properly, but do not be disheartened. Keep trying those videos and relive the era of the tapes.

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