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Cha-Cha-Changes: Fan Compiles Changes to Original Star Wars Trilogy

As Shmi Skywalker once said, you can’t stop the change, and this has never been more true than when it comes to all the changes made to the masterpiece that is Star Wars. For years fans have stood helplessly by and watched their beloved film changed by the creator himself, and the balance of the force has been in turmoil ever since. Continue reading Cha-Cha-Changes: Fan Compiles Changes to Original Star Wars Trilogy

Game of Thrones: The Epic History of the Lannisters (Part 2 of 2)

By now you should know the drill. CBG19 does a Game of Thrones “Epic History” video about the Houses of Westeros, and we throw it up here in a vain attempt to funnel traffic to Grizzly Bomb. Seriously though, we post these cause we think they are really well done and informative. And we’re obsessed with the whole mythology.

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Game of Thrones: The Epic History of the Targaryens (as told by Comicbookgirl19)

So I may or may not be in full on “Obsessed with Game of Thrones” mode the last few weeks, which has caused me to scour YouTube for anything related to the mythology. This morning I stumbled across a video from comicbookgirl19 who gives a detailed rundown of the Targaryens history, and does so in an entertaining fashion, accompanied by her co-host Robot, who is a huge fan of Khal Drogo.

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Happy 57th Birthday VHS! YouTube Function Lets You Celebrate in Style With Tape Mode…

For a lot of people the date April the 14th 1956 will mean nothing. But for VHS fans far and wide this was the birth of something very special. It was on this date at the National Association of Radio and Television Broadcasters Convention that the first VHS machine was revealed to awe-struck onlookers. The machine was the Ampex VRX-100. Looking at it now it appears a strange machine, but you can see the basic structure that would be incorporated into the more popular VCR players that helped to revolutionize the home entertainment business that we know of today. For more information on this epic event from near 60 years ago, you can read this transcript by Charles P.Ginsburg on Labguysworld website which goes into more detail.

Machine Photo from www.oobject.com
Machine Photo from Oobject

So what does this have to do with YouTube? Well The Verge has reported that to celebrate this historic event for the fans of the VHS genre, YouTube has put a VHS button on random videos in their catalog that gives the video you are watching that VHS grainy and jumpy feel. Look on the video you are watching and there will be a little VHS icon which when selected gives the desired effect. Below is one of the videos that has the VHS option.

As a fan of VHS myself I found it a fun little quirky option for videos, but it did not entirely feel like the VHS viewing on an actually VCR player and feels a little to exaggerated for my tastes. Still this is yet another sign that VHS is rising from the ashes and for people who have no idea what the format looked like it is a great trip to the past. I did have problems with some YouTube videos with this option that it did not load the application properly, but do not be disheartened. Keep trying those videos and relive the era of the tapes.

Y: The Last Man Rising – Short Film Captures the Spirit of the Comics

IGN‘s YouTube channel posted up a short film version of the comic sensation Y: The Last Man written by Brian K. Vaughan  and Pia Guerra for Vertigo Comics comics. The series lasted for sixty issues and was a huge hit with fans, mostly because of its well written description of a dystopian future where all the men have died and women run the dying planet. Watch the short movie below.

If you did not grasp all the plot points in this short then here is a very brief description of the series. Much like he is here, Yorick is the only survivor of a man killing virus that destroys anything that has the Y chromosome, aside from Yorick and his pet monkey Ampersand.  Agent 355 is given the task of keeping Yorick out of trouble and getting him to Doctor Allison Mann, a cloning expert in the hope he holds the key to rebuilding the male population, and thus saving human kind from extinction.

What I liked most about this short was the way it showed the panic and tension of all the males dying at once in quite a brutal manner. It really added some gravitas to the piece and made the reality of this situation very bleak and shocking. What was entertaining about the piece was the character interactions. Yorick acts like he does in the comic, leaping into situations without thinking of the consequences of his actions,  while 355 is then forced to help him out.

Commenting on negative parts of the film, I don’t think we needed the film device of making every guy look a jerk just so Yorick looks better by comparison (and even he comes off slightly jerky). It made it seem like men died out because they were sexist pigs or insensitive screwballs. That’s probably the case with some males of the species, but not all of us!

y last man short film 355

I am a relative newcomer to this world of Y The Last Man, but the characters seemed faithful enough to me. All the people you see in this short appear in the comic (The Daughters of the Amazons, Yorick’s sister Hero, 355 and Ampersand the monkey). I did not hear of any mention of Beth, Yorick’s girlfriend who is a big driving force behind his actions in the comic. It seemed his sister Hero took the role of keeping Yorick moving in this short.

This plays out more like a teaser to a possible series, it’d be interesting to see if this ever gets extended into its own series as there is great potential for it to. There has been talk over the years of this comic series becoming a television show, but it has so far never come to fruition.  There have also been rumors of a feature film trilogy for quite some time now.  This is a fine example of how it could be done and done right.

Y the Last Man Rising

WWE’s Daniel Bryan Is a Good Dude

I’m not the type of person to normally gush over feel good stories, nor do I particularly like children, but occasionally some story comes along that will make my heart swell and remind me to stop being a hate filled shrew of a man, and remember that sometimes people can be pretty damn great. Case in point, WWE Tag Team Champion Daniel Bryan visited Connor, a 7 year old boy with cancer, whose wish was for Bryan to visit him and let him put Bryan into the No-Lock submission hold. After making a YouTube video asking Daniel Bryan to visit him, people on Facebook and other social media used their powers for good to bring attention to 7 year old Connor Michalek’s wish, and sure enough Daniel Bryan visited the kid. Daniel Bryan then met him, and dutifully let Connor put him into the No-Lock, and tapped out for him. Video here.


I like stories like this. It makes me feel good that one of my favorite wrestlers is a damned good human being as well. I can imagine myself as a kid, and if I had gotten sick there would have been nothing I would have liked more than to meet Mick Foley and give him the Mandible Claw. Seeing Daniel Bryan showing up and being there for the kid is a good reminder that not everything and everyone in the world is a jaded, pompous jerk. On top of that, how cool is that kid that what he wanted to do was not just meet him, but make Daniel Bryan tap out? That fact alone makes me wish the kid can pull through his battle with his terrible disease. Cancer is the absolute worst, and along with the bevy of treatment and care people need to overcome or manage it, a healthy attitude and positive thinking certainly helps a lot along the way. The fact that this kid got to make Daniel Bryan tap out gives me hope that he’ll make it, and fills me with so much respect for Daniel Bryan.


The other that makes this story even better than it already is, is that Connor calls himself “Stonecrusher”, and his brother Jackson calls himself “Jack The Ripper” when they play wrestling video games. How cool is this kid that he’s already got a wrestling name and persona at 7? Hopefully he’ll overcome his disease, and he and his brother can grow up, join wrestling school, where Connor is still Stonecrusher and his brother is still Jack The Ripper, but together they’re The New Demolition.

Altogether though, what a great story, and what a great wish to make. All jokes about tag teams and wrestling aside, I really do hope Connor overcomes his cancer. Any kid that cool deserves to.

H+ Web Series: Google Hangout

Had you told me 20 years ago as I sat at a computer and played “Where in the World is Carmen SanDiego” that one day I would be able to talk to people face to face on that computer, I’d probably have laughed at you. The fact that I can video chat with one sister in Louisiana one minute and then video chat with my other sister in Israel moments later is just stunning. There are times I have to stop myself and think “holy shit, I can’t believe this is even possible”.

I get the same feeling when it comes to things like Google Hangout. I’m sure you’ve seen the commercial with the chick showing her friends she got engaged or (I think) the one with the baby walking for the first time. Basically it is a group video chat and while that sounds so simple, it’s amazing at the same time. I’ve had the opportunity to use Google Hangouts quite often with friends of mine and it’s somewhat awe-inspiring when I sit back and think how cool it is that people from New York and Washington (state) and California and Georgia are all able to see and talk to each other at the same time. Not to mention, Google has actually built a rather good program here.

I’ve used Skype and Tango quite a bit in the last few years and don’t get me wrong, they are great, but somehow Google takes what they have done and makes it that much better. I’ve found that the picture is clearer and the sound quality is light years better. Long story short, if you aren’t using Google Hangouts, you should be.

What does all this have to do with H+, The Digital Series?

Well, they decided to hold a Google Hangout themselves.

They aren’t the first to do this, as the cast and crew of The Guild have done quite a few as have various other people and groups. It makes sense for a show like H+ to jump on board given their topic and premise of their series.

If you aren’t familiar with H+ The Digital Series, you can read this review from a couple of months ago to brush up. Quite a bit has happened since I wrote that initial review and I’m happy to say, it’s all been good. I’m not going to give any details because I really do hope people will go and watch the series.

As for the Hangout, it was moderated by Fraser Cain of universetoday.com and was attended by writer/creator’s John Cabrera & Cosimo de Tommaso, producers Jason Taylor and Bryan Singer (yes that Bryan Singer), and director Stewart Hendler.

If you watch the hangout yourself (which I would recommend because it’s rather interesting) you’ll see that they don’t really talk about the plot lines of the show that much which I found to be nice because I’m a few “episodes” behind and didn’t really want to be spoiled. They talk quite a bit about how the show came to be, the steps they took in taking it from concept to a television pitch to then ultimately a web series.

The parts that I found to be most interesting was when they talked about filming the series in its entirety in 29 days. There are going to be 48 episodes and they are all about 6-8  minutes long which ends up being about 5 hours of finished product. To get the amount of material to end up with 5 hours of finished product in only 29 days is remarkable. I don’t know about anyone else, but it makes me appreciate the series all the more. Also, I would have never guessed that they filmed solely in Santiago, Chile. That means they made Santiago look like California, Oregon, The Republic of Congo, Ireland, England, Finland, Italy, and India. That’s impressive.

It was quite cool to see a director/producer of Bryan Singer’s caliber just sitting in a living room chatting on the computer. He talked quite a bit about finding Steward Hendler as director of the series and how the project had originally been planned for TV. Really it seems like this is John Cabrera’s baby. When he talks about the show you can just see how much he cares for it and hopes for its success. He touched on something I had wondered watching the show, which were the subtitles. Given that it does take place in so many different places, there is quite a bit of subtitling. However, not everything is subtitled. While talking in the Hangout, Cabrera says that they did it on purpose. Their hope was that people who might speak that language would come to the aid of those who didn’t and it would just be one more way for the viewers to come together. That’s exactly what has happened. There’s been numerous times I’ve scrolled through YouTube comments and seen where someone has provided a translation.

Perhaps the best thing to come out of the conversation was the news that while WB had not yet ordered season/Chapter 2, the script is being worked on. With 6.6 million views on YouTube so far and 104K subscribers, I’m clearly not the only one wanting Chapter 2 to happen. If nothing else, it is exciting to be a part of a new medium come into its own. Here’s hoping that H+ The Digital Series is just another part of a massive wave of internet based content in the near future.

In the meantime, catch up on H+over on YouTube, and why not follow Grizzly Bomb on Google+ as well? [Ed.Note: I approve this shameful plug]

Bryan Singer’s Latest Project: “H+ The Digital Series:

Where were you on April 23rd, 2005? I don’t remember where I was. Hell, I don’t remember what I was doing yesterday, much less seven and a half years ago.

Thankfully we do know where this guy was.

Jawed Karim was uploading the first ever video on YouTube.

Since that day YouTube has become an ubiquitous part of our everyday lives. According to Alexa, YouTube is the third most visited site on the internet. Not hard to see why, as not a single day passes where I don’t look something up on the site. It can range everywhere from the completely absurd, to the extremely useful. A good amount of the time it is for either a music video or web series. In the past year or so, YouTube has made a conscious move from being a bastion of baby crying videos to being a viable entertainment option. With everything from live streamed concerts to “web tv” style channels, they’ve started their march, and with big names coming to play, the future is looking bright.

One of those potential bright stars is a new offering from director/producer extraordinaire Bryan Singer and his production company, Bad Hat Harry.

Welcome to H+, The Digital Series. It is directed by Stewart Hendler of Sorority Row fame. Okay if Sorority Row doesn’t blow your skirt up, he is also the director of the upcoming Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn.

The premise? Well it’s simple- an implant is developed and released to the public that enables them to turn their brains into computers with a heads up display. The idea is based on the transhumanism ideology that man is in a constant move forward and that in the not too distant future, technology will play an even larger role in that evolutionary move. Played Deus Ex? It’s sort of like that, but not really.

So pretty much everyone has these implants and they can bring up their iTunes library while walking down the street, or watch a football game while driving, although this is dangerous and apparently illegal. Their vital organs are being constantly monitored which conceivably stave off preventable diseases such as diabetes.

Sounds great. It is great. It’s great until “The Event”.

And that’s all I’m telling you. Mainly because I don’t know much beyond that myself. The series debuted on August 8th and has put up an episode, each roughly 4-6 minutes long, every Wednesday since then. I sat and watched them in sequence and truthfully, was sort of frustrated because I so badly wanted to like it. Each episode was of a different time and different place, and different people. Then it jumps back to the original group/time. The disjointed storytelling just wasn’t doing it for me.

Then I watched this vlog from John Cabrerra, one of the creators and writers of the series (who also was on Gilmore Girls which I could not place for hours until it finally came to me as I ate a bowl of peas- and there’s a glimpse into my daily life, welcome) and after a few tweaks, I was really enjoying the series.

See, H+ is not your normal web series in which you sit down and watch episode a through z and it all forms a nice, compact, linear story. Instead, this series is composed of “moments of time and space” that you can move around to however you desire. I set up a playlist for myself where it was linear and each location told it’s story at one time. However, no one is forcing you to make your own playlist- if you want to watch them as they air, have at it. Whatever floats your boat.

But the fun doesn’t stop there! You can head over to hplusdigitalseries.com and see pictures, short bios, and an interactive map which did clue me in that the locations we’ve already seen, are not all there are. Something to look forward to.

I know another thing I am looking forward to seeing is fellow St. Louis native, Sean Gunn,  (I’m not really a native but I did graduate from high school there, same as Mr. Gunn) also a Gilmore Girls alum. As far as I can tell so far, he plays some sort of technology hating man who has to rely on some sort of technology to get around. Yay conflict!

Check out the existing episodes on their YouTube page and tune in on Wednesdays for new episodes.
And let us know what you think- are the transhumanists right and we are headed for an inevitable takeover by technology in our day-to-day lives? Or is the iPhone5 about as far as we are going to get?

Either way, it’s an interesting conversation to have and an entertaining series to watch.

Female Gamers are People, Too.

I don’t know if you know this, but female gamers are kind of a big deal.

To be more precise, female gamers are a big deal because they have recently been the center of attention for many large news stories in the video game and popular culture industries. Why? Because they are being sexually bullied and harassed by people who apparently find fulfillment in such mean-spirited actions. Do you remember when you got pushed off the swing in elementary school, and then called names in high school, and then betrayed by your boy/girlfriend in college? The harassment against female gamers is like all of these situations rolled into one, except female gamers tend to never see their bullies face-to-face.

Gamer Jenny Haniver records and transcribes all sexually or otherwise demeaning discussions/messages that are hurled her way on Xbox Live. She blogs about them on her site, Not in the Kitchen Anymore, to try to shed light on the continually growing issue of online harassment against females. One glance through just the first page and you feel like you have to go wash your eyes and brain out with lye. Jenny’s experiences caught the attention of the BBC, and they featured her (along with Grace of Fat, Ugly, or Slutty) in a recent article titled “Sexual harassment in the world of video gaming.”

That same BBC article outlined another instance of very blatant sexual harassment that occurred in February at Capcom’s first fighting game reality show, Cross Assault. On day one of the tournament, Aris Bakhtanians, coach of the professional Tekken team, defended the inclusion and use of sexual harassment because it was simply “part of the community” of fight games; on day five, he implemented some of this sexual harassment towards female gamer Miranda Pakozdi, who became so upset by his insults that she forfeited the match entirely. Gamers around the world, outraged, took to the Internet to show their support for Pakozdi and to inquire after Capcom for not intervening in the situation already on day one when Bakhtanians said that “rape that bitch” was an acceptable insult because “(W)e’re in America… we can say what we want.”

Courtesy of gaurdian.co.uk

In a final example of harassment against female gamers, Anita Sarkeesian received a massive backlash of hatred and vandalism when she started a Kickstarter campaign to create a video series called “Tropes vs. Women in Video Games.” Some people even went so far as to hack and put up an explicit picture on Sarkeesian’s Wikipedia page and change her biography to call her a cunt. Sarkeesian was interviewed by none other than Wired magazine about the situation. On her blog, she said, “I am certainly not the first woman to suffer this kind of harassment and sadly, I won’t be the last. But I’d just like to reiterate that this is not a trivial issue. It can not and should not be brushed off by saying, ‘oh well that’s YouTube for you,’ ‘trolls will be trolls,’ or ‘it’s to be expected on the internet.’ These are serious threats of violence, harassment and slander across many online platforms meant to intimidate and silence. And it’s not okay.” (Feminist Frequency)

Of course, female gamers themselves are nothing new; they have been around for quite a while, and they’re a strong community in the video game industry. There’s even a group of professional female gamers known as the Frag Dolls who have been around since 2004, thanks to Ubisoft; they aim not only to kick some serious butt in video games but also to promote the interests of female gamers everywhere.

However, it’s only been within the last few years that the majority of female gamers have voiced their complaints and concerns about the large presence of sexism and misogyny within the larger gaming community. Gaming news sites have fortunately paid close attention to these situations and so the female gamers’ cause has come out in the open. In fact, a video series called Extra Credits has started a campaign against Xbox Live’s online platform, and Microsoft has actually responded to the campaign, saying that they are going to work to improve the sexual harassment situation. Time will tell if the gaming giant will follow through on its word.

In the meantime, every one of us gamers can do our own part to stop harassment and bullying against female players. If you’re one of those who bashes on the women whom you run across on Xbox Live, or if you’re one of those women who dishes it right back, the only way to make the gaming community a safe, enjoyable group for all of us is to avoid participating in and voicing such overzealous, hateful tirades even if we feel like it. Hopefully, in time, the encouraging, just-out-to-have-fun voices will start to overcome the hateful ones and fill the audiowaves of headsets around the world.

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