Dexter: Season 8 – First Peek At The Final Season!

The first official teaser trailer for Season 8 of Dexter has released!  Take a look:

As has already been said several times, this will be the final season of Dexter. This little preview suggests that Season 8 picks up a couple weeks after Season 7 ends, as Dexter tells Deb she hasn’t talked to him in weeks. Obviously Deb isn’t handling the fact that she *SPOILER*  killed LaGuerta *SPOILER* very well, since she missed her memorial and is very clearly drunk.

Oh… and then there’s this:


Chilling! Is Deb going to kill Dexter this season? Is that how it all ends? Or will he kill her? Or will they run off into the sunset together? Sigh… I suppose we have to wait.


Season 8 begins June 30th at 9 pm on Showtime.

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