Kristen Wiig is Back in Studio 8H and All is Well…

She’s back!!!! It really was only a matter of time before Ms. SNL 2000’s herself would return to the hallowed stage and this week is that time. As usual, the show’s promos have been released and it does nothing to quell the excitement.

I’d be lying if I said I haven’t watched it multiple times. In the last hour.

Because Saturday seems so far away (although there is an Arrow episode tonight which is good), I figured it would be best to go out and find some of the best of Kristen Wiig to pass the time.

“Real Housewives of Disney” is perhaps one of my favorite pre-recorded sketches in recent years. It’s hard to beat a broke Jasmine, drunk Cinderella, and gay Prince Charming.

As with all returning hosts/former cast members, I’m sure some of Wiig’s character will be making a return appearance as well. If that doesn’t include the Lawrence Welk Show, well I’m sure I won’t be alone in my disappointment.

There were a lot of people out there (typical internet commenters who seem to hate everything) who really did not like the Target lady but I love that sketch. It is rare, even to this day, that I will check out and not say “Approved!” in my head when my card goes through.

Of course no list of favorite Kristen Wiig characters would be complete without one of her many Weekend Update characters. I can easily see them bringing back Garth and Kat this week. No complaints here!

That’s a few of my favorites but surely there are some I’ve forgotten. Let’s hear it – what Kristen Wiig characters do you want to see come Saturday night?

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