Webcomic Wednesday A-Z: Lucky Ducky

Webcomic Wednesday finds us feeling divided on the issues of the day. We turn to the Web to distract us — or inform us — with satire and amusing cartooning.

During a several-week period when Uncle Sam has revealed itself to be delving into some nasty business (two IRS scandals, the NSA spying stuff, etc.), we submit that the time is right for some biting socio-political satire. And since we’re on letter “L,” this means we have to cheat (just a little) and recommend Lucky Ducky — which is not exactly its own comic, but a recurring comic under the vaster heading of Tom the Dancing Bug, the wonderful full-pager by Ruben Bolling, hosted online by Boing Boing. (We did tease this last week in the intro; check it out, it’s true.)


What you need to know:


HOWEVER, that last link will only show about three comics; we highly recommend going over to the Tom the Dancing Bug page at gocomics.com (http://www.gocomics.com/tomthedancingbug) and digging through the entire archive (paying special attention to Lucky Ducky episodes, of course).

Each comic features the top-hatted Hollingsworth Hound and Lucky Ducky, the “poor little duck who’s rich in luck.” It’s a take on the notion that people too poor to pay taxes are “Lucky Duckies”; episodes generally use these characters to address class inequality and poke fun at the government-industrial complex and the self-involved rich.

Politics aside, Bolling’s comics are hilarious. Tax law — ha ha ha!


A – The Abominable Charles Christopher
B – Boozehounds
C – Courting Disaster
D – Dangerously Chloe

E  EmiTown
F  Friends with Boys
G  Goblins
H  Hicksville
I  I Taste Sound
J  Jackdaw
K The K Chronicles and The Knight Life


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