Webcomic Wednesday A-Z: Mystery Solved!

We could recommend this webcomic based wholly on the fact that the main character wears a monocle. But since it’s funny and clever as well, we’ll get into details beyond inherently hilarious and outdated eye wear.

The Amazing Colossal Cephalopod p. 1, by Zack Kruse and Meg Syverud
The Amazing Colossal Cephalopod p. 1, by Zack Kruse and Meg Syverud

Mystery Solved! is a long-running webcomic by Zack Kruse “and friends,” which is to say a rotating cast of artists, each of whom gives a new look/spin. A few of the notable artists have included the very talented Andy Jewett (“Sicko”) and comics pro Dave Wachter (“Guns of Shadow Valley”, which just enjoyed a successful Kickstarter, and more). The story follows the safari-suited and monocled “Colonel,” a.k.a. Colonel Randall Thaddeus Winchester IV as he finds himself embroiled in, duh, mysteries of various sorts. Primarily debunking the likes of Bigfoot and psychics and other tinfoil-hat stuff.

What you need to know:

Main Site: Mystery Solved!
First Comic
Publishing Schedule: Varies — seems to tack at least monthly, usually x2. But with more than three years of archives, there’s plenty to explore.

One thing we appreciate, aside from the entertaining strips, is that it’s pretty easy to navigate to individual story arcs (see below), where many sites require some sort of calendar function or infinite scrolling.

mystery solved nav

This recommendation cannot be debunked — read ’em all!


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