Microsoft’s ‘Clippy’ may be dead, but Netflix has Max

How many times have you been watching Netflix on your Playstation 3 and thought, “if only there was a game show like feature complete with a Guy Smiley voice that could give me suggestions on what next to watch on this here Netflix?” I know for myself it’s a daily occurrence. But oh happy day! Netflix has heard these prayers and has answered them!

I had to check the calendar because this looks totally like something a company would roll out for April Fool’s Day. Nope, it’s real. That isn’t to say it wouldn’t be useful, because if there is one thing the world needs it’s not a cure for cancer, or an end to hunger, or even world peace… no, we need a way to more efficiently and in an entertaining manner choose what movie we watch next.

Of course let’s not kid ourselves, everyone with a Playstation is going to go check it out as soon as they can. I’m sure it is fun and might lead to some interesting viewing that we might have missed were it not for Max’s direction. However, perhaps Pedro and his cohorts can work on something like having individual playlists on an account. Or the ability to remove some movies from recently reviewed. Or even crazier, an way to see everything on Netflix at any given time in an alphabetical fashion.

For now, we’ll just have to be happy with Max.

Netflix Max

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