NBC and Lion Forge Comics to Bring Classic Shows Back to Life

Be honest, you’ve always wanted to read a comic about Saved by the Bell. No? Well, you’re getting the chance to anyway. Teaming up with Lion Forge Comics, NBCUniversal is bringing back quite of a few of their fan favorites from yesteryear in comic book form.

Not only just Saved By the Bell though. Nope, you’ll soon be able to catch up on the hijinks of Kit, the talking car, in Knight Rider, and all our old friends in Airwolf, Punky Brewster, and Miami Vice. I for one can not wait to see Don Johnson’s comic book counterpart, complete with rolled up sleeves.

Lion Forge Comics
Oh yeah, this will do.

While I imagine these books will likely deal with the characters in the same time period as the original shows, I would love to see them do it as more of a “where are they now” kind of thing. Is Stringfellow Hawke back in his mountain cabin? Is he still playing his cello for all the forest wildlife? What about Zach and Kelly from Saved By The Bell? Did those two crazy kids ever make it work? Surely Zach has found him some middle management soul sucking desk job that forces him to spend countless hours a day wishing he was back in high school to relive his good ol’ days.

Instead it’ll probably just be stories from when the shows aired, which frankly isn’t nearly as entertaining a prospect as my idea.

Amazingly enough, they are actually putting people with actual comic experience on this project with people like Joelle Sellner (Teen Titans) and Jonathon London (Geekscape), Geoffrey Thorne, and David Gordon. Artists Jason Johnson, Carl Reed, and Lorenzo Lizana are also on board.

The people at Lions Forge will be at Comic-Con and participating in a panel on July 20th so hopefully we’ll get a look at these books sooner rather than later.

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