Lego Marvel Super Heroes Box Art Revealed!

So remember when I professed my Lego love when talking about the Lego Movie trailer? Well, brace yourselves, it’s about to happen again. That’s because box art for the Lego Marvel Super Heroes video game has been released!!!! Yay!!!!

Lego Marvel Heroes

After playing every Batman game, both Harry Potters, and of course all the Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and most recently Lord of the Rings… I’m ready for Lego Marvel Super Heroes!

Lego Marvel Super Heroes video game

Looks like we’ve got who you’d expect to see: Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Hulk, Thing, Thor, Black Widow, Silver Surfer, Mr. Fantastic. The crazy part is that is a lot of characters right there on the box and those Lego games usually have over 100 characters that you can collect as you play so it’ll be interesting to see who all ends up in the game.

Of course it’s exciting to see the box art (love the mold holes in Wolverine’s claws), but really the best part of the game is the game itself. Thankfully there’s been some good gameplay trailers released and quite a bit that came out of E3 this year.

Looks pretty good right? Yeah, it does. Even though I’m a DC girl all the way, I can not wait for Lego Marvel Super Heroes. When I’ll have to wait until has yet to be seen as Tt Games is sticking with a release date of “Fall 2013”.

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