New Characters Revealed in Batman: Arkham Origins Screenshots

The cast of characters in the upcoming Batman: Arkham Origins game has been slowly rounding itself out as its release inches closer and closer, and recently a batch of screenshots surfaced confirming the appearances of several new faces in the Dark Knight’s video game franchise.

All images courtesy Comics Alliance


Here we see Anarky and Firefly, two of Bats’s more minor villains, who should mix up the combat scenarios a little what with the flying and fire-shooting and gadgets and such. However there’s another character in the set of photos who just might be more of a surprising addition:


The sword-wielding femme fatale seen here mid-fight with Deathstroke is likely Katana. Her inclusion in the game makes a lot of sense considering Arkham Origins allowed players to step out of the cowl and play as Robin and Catwoman in certain areas of the game. It will be interesting to see if Katana is a multiplayer-only character or if she’ll have more of a presence in the single-player campaign.

[UPDATE: Yesterday Arkham Origins‘s official Twitter page confirmed that Arkham Origins will not be released on Xbox One or Playstation 4, making a strictly current-gen game:


Does this change your purchasing plans for Batman: Arkham Origins?]

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