Cinematic Art Ruined by Thieves; The World Says Goodbye to “The Giant Spider Invasion” Spider

Now this reviewer is a huge fan of films which some people may call B movies. I have never thought of them that way, they are just as valid a form of cinematic entertainment as any other and if they bring joy to a select amount of people then they should be championed because of this. So it is with a sad heart that we have to report (via IO9) that a piece of cinema has been taken from us. That piece of cinema is the huge frikking spider from The Giant Spider Invasion.

The rusty framework of the spider (which had resided at the director’s home) has been stolen from its home in Merrill Wisconsin which was also where the film was made. Below is the video of the crime with comments from director Bill Rebane. p = new anv_pl_def();p.loadVideoWithKey(“eyJtIjoiR1JUViIsInAiOiI1MyIsInYiOiIyNjY2MDE3In0=”);

For those that do not know, The Giant Spider Invasion is a cheesy little movie from 1975 which actually feels more like something made in the atomic obsessed 1950s. It is, for the most part, hilariously bad but part of its charm is the lead: a giant spider with red eyes. A lot of people have seen this from the amazing guys of Mystery Science Theatre 3000, who have pretty much been instrumental in keeping awful movies like this alive (even if it is through their ridicule).

giant spider invasion spider 2

It was actually made from a parade float that went on top of a Volkswagen. If you look at the photo below it becomes pretty apparent that it has car lights for eyes. People in the car would hold the spider legs out the window. It may have been ranked in the top 25 worst movies ever made but who cares? It was loads of fun and to be honest, looks a damn slight more realistic than some of the CGI rubbish I have seen going direct to DVD.

giant spider invasion spider

This film had heart even if it did not have a budget and this is what makes it kind of sad. Sure it is not a crime on the scale of someone stealing a frame model of The Terminator but to the director and a lot of fans around the world, this piece of cinematic history meant a lot and to hear of its theft for the purposes of scrap is very sad. If nothing else we will always have the movie to keep us entertained even if the spider has gone to the big scrap heap in the sky.

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