No More Blood: True Blood’s Final Season Announced

It’s Sunday night and after a long weekend of drinking, rejection, and excessive drinking you have to unwind. You have probably been here before and you know only one thing is gonna fix this weekend: Anna Paquin’s boobs. And thanks to the miracle of premium cable, this has been a great cure-all option for six years. However, according to The Hollywood Reporter, HBO has confirmed this substance is officially on its last legs. The hit HBO television program, True Blood, has run its course, and season 7 will be the final chapter.

This comes as a blow to the many loyal viewers that have kept up with the Bon Temps crew for several years but to some people, not so much. Ratings for the show have not grown over the last few seasons and some have said since Alan Ball left the show, the age is starting to show. Yet still, I thought season 6 was nothing short of fantastic. It had a way of pulling you in closer week after week and prompting a sudden gasp of air just as the credits would roll. When it comes to character development, everyone on the show has pretty much peaked out. 012912_true_blood_season_5_trailer120129221944In the last couple seasons we got to see Eric Northman return to the Viking roots. Bill Compton has come full circle from vampire to mainstreamer to vampire back to good old vampire Bill. And Sookie Stackhouse has basically uncovered all the skeletons in the family closet. So in reality, there’s not a lot left to tell. The season 6 finale set up, what appears to be, an epic ending in a staple of modern entertainment. A lot of questions still have to be answered and surely will.

 [quote]Together with its legions of fans, it will be hard to say goodbye to the residents of Bon Temps, but I look forward to what promises to be a fantastic final chapter of this incredible show. -HBO President Michael Lombardo.[/quote]

Historically, HBO has produced shows that made an impact on our generation, such as The Sopranos, Entourage, Eastbound and Down and The Wire. Although those shows were great and entertaining for years, there always seems to be an ambiguous feeling at the end, almost a feeling of uncertainty that it is truly done. Shows like Entourage have been rumored to make comebacks or even movies. As far as True Blood goes, one can only hope that the show will give the fans a decisive ending that will leave everyone with a feeling of closure. Stay tuned folks, the true death is coming.

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