Breaking Bad Fans Rejoice As ‘Better Call Saul’ Greenlit

As the final three episodes of Breaking Bad air in the coming weeks, fans have been anxiously waiting for the conclusion, yet sad at the ending of this incredible world the show has created. Luckily, it seems it won’t be the last time we get to visit Albuquerque. Better Call Saul, a working title, is a Breaking Bad spin-off series that has just been given the “go ahead” as an agreement between AMC and Breaking Bad producer Sony Pictures TV. The show hasn’t been given a formal season order with them waiting to make final agreements with Vince Gilligan, Peter Gould (the man who co-created Saul), and of course, Bob Odenkirk, who plays the titular, sleazy and charismatic lawyer, but that seems like it’ll be finalized in the coming days.

Saul Goodman with Cash

Taking place prior to Breaking Bad, the show is said to be in the one hour format, and focus on the evolution of Saul Goodman before he became the iconic lawyer for Mr. White. It’s also said to be a bit lighter than its parent show with an eye towards more comedy. Given how the character is commonly, and brilliantly, used for comedic relief in BB, this comes as hardly a surprise.

Since this is a prequel, Saul’s fate in this final season is still up in the air, and the question that arises is who might pop up in this series. There are still a few characters who could make an appearance, and seeing how Breaking Bad likes to keep everything tightly wound together, it wouldn’t be shocking to see characters tie into this. I think it’d be neat to flip the procedural type story in it being about a lawyer who helps bad people get out of trouble. With a good dose of comedy, this could make for one hell of a series.

Here’s a great interview with Gilligan talking about his thoughts for the series back in July, check it out:

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