Pirates of the Caribbean 5 Reveals Plot Details, Loses Their Release Date

If you’ve ever hear the term, “beating a dead horse”, it was probably immediately followed by a review of Pirates of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. Despite grossing just over $1 billion, critics condemned the movie as Rotten Tomatoes burned it at the stake. Meanwhile back at Disney headquarters, a group of people were counting money and laughing their asses off. The laughter may have finally come to a halt.

USA Today has confirmed that the August 2015 release date for the next Pirates movie has been delayed. The script for the new movie, subtitled Dead Men Tell No Tales, is being cited as the primary reason for the delay. The Pirates of The Caribbean have become a cornerstone in the Disney empire, a delay might be the best way to get this right. After heavy criticism with the previous chapter, one would believe there is pressure to really nail this one. Plus the underperforming The Lone Ranger, also starring Johnny Depp and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer as well, really adds to the stakes on Jack Sparrow’s next adventure.

Pirates delayed jack 2

Despite the delay, production will begin next month in Puerto Rico. Other then a slightly overdone title, little is known about this film thus far. We do know Johnny Depp is on board, thank God. An article released from Slashfilm revealed some of the main plot points as of now. Captain Jack is getting a new lead female role to play against. Also, the current script focuses around a “witch” who’s actually a scientist. If you’re Salem freak don’t worry though, witches are apparently going to play a big part in this film. Another large plot point we know, is a ghost who was a “former member of the British military now sided with Barbossa on a revenge mission.” Give you three guesses who that is. Also there is gonna be a wedding/romance between a couple of kids, and the Bermuda triangle…great, who gives a crap. As a fan of this series, I’m hoping this delay is to throw this script in the garbage and start from the beginning. This movie is without depth right now, and other than the visionary experience, sounds unwatchable.

pirates delayed bloomI personally thought the problem with Stranger Tides is that it lacked a good supporting cast. The departure of Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley was definitely felt. Although neither have confirmed a return to the franchise, Knightley has made it clear she has no desire to put on the corset. Bloom however was quoted after the release of Stranger tides saying, “I was quite sad not to be in the fourth and I really miss working on them. If they said they wanted me back, of course I’d do it. It’s great to see the franchise still doing so well.” Speculation from here would be that this delay may be over more than just a script. A return with the original cast could be the difference between $ 1 billion and $1.5 billion. One thing is for sure, the Mouse House has deep pockets. If Disney wants something or someone, they’re gonna get it.

[Editor’s Note: Stranger Tides sucked because it had a horrible script, bad pacing and direction and screamed money grab with lazy filmmaking. Personally, I like the cast. Ian McShane is my boy and Penelope Cruz always makes me happy with most of her roles. They just happened to get Bruckheimer’d. Happens to the best of us.]

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