Adam Thompson: Artist Draws a Superhero a Day for 50 Days

It is hard not to love hearing these types of stories. The story involves one Adam Thompson, an artist who decided he wanted to improve his skills on Adobe Illustrator and he gave himself quite an inventive way of doing it.

He decided that for the next 50 days he would create, in his own style, a hero. Called 50 Heroes in 50 Days he managed to produce some of the most innovative designs of well-known heroes that the fandom collective have ever seen. Here is what the man himself had to say about his gallery of heroic heroes.

[quote] “As the title indicates, each day for 50 days I drew a new superhero in Adobe Illustrator. In doing so I learned many new shortcuts and tools, and ultimately made myself more efficient in the program.  This project was incredibly fun for me. As an illustrator I am inspired by comics, this project allowed me to pay extra close attention to the details of each character, and gain a greater understanding of what goes into character development. I hope to do a villains series in the future, so keep an eye out, and as always, enjoy!”[/quote]

Now the villains series certainly sounds like it will have promise after such a good job he did on the heroes.  What is so great about these designs is their unique style, making the heroes cute-a-fied while sticking to their superhero roots. The pill shaped body also adds a certain continuity to them that is something to be admired. A lot of the designs are from the film versions of these characters, but the comic designs pop up as well (look out for super cute Agent Coulson!). So enjoy the pictures below and if we keep our fingers crossed we will see more of these in the near future. Mr. Thompson, if you are reading this, these pictures would look great in a book.

Below are some of our favorites…

To see the complete run of all the heroes check out Adam Thompson’s Page.

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