ITGS: WWE Superstar and Fozzy Frontman, Chris Jericho (Part 2)

This is part two of our interview with Chris Jericho of Fozzy and the WWE. Don’t miss part one, where Chris talks about playing Bloodstock and working with M. Shadows of Avenged Sevenfold.

GB: You guys are heading out on the road with Saxon, which is absolutely insane, that band has been around forever. How excited are you guys to be playing this tour with them?

Jericho: We’re really excited! Like you said man, they’re one of the legendary, influential bands of Heavy Metal. The thing that really appealed to me when the opportunity came up is that I’ve been a Saxon fan for years. Their new record, Sacrifice, to me was one of the best records they’ve ever done. I love the fact that, here’s a band that’s been playing for 30 some-odd years, headlining festivals all over the world, they’ve influenced every band from Metallica to Iron Maiden, but they’re still putting out great material. They’re still challenging themselves to be great. It’s not a nostalgia act, where there’s one original member going out there and playing the greatest hits from 1982. It’s a band that is still a living, breathing, vital Rock and Roll band. I saw them live last year in the Netherlands, and they blew me away with just how good they were, and how great of a singer Biff Byford still is. When we had an opportunity to tour with them, I jumped on it. I’m super excited because not only am I a fan, but also one of their peers, and I’m impressed with what they’re doing nowadays. It’s also their first extensive U.S. tour in a long time. It’s a great package. It’s a great opportunity for our fans that might not know them, and their fans that might not know us. It’s going to be a great night of Rock and Roll. Our mission is to kick their ass every night, and I’m sure they want to kick our ass every night. That’s the kind of competition that makes for a great Rock and Roll show, which is what we both want to do.

Chris Jericho 3

GB: Well, awesome man, I’m looking forward to it! On this tour are you guys going to be playing any unreleased music, or is everything you play going to be stuff that’s been on previous albums?

Jericho: You know we have so many songs that people want to hear at this point. We’re doing a lot of songs from Sin and Bones. Like I said to you earlier, it’s our biggest record for sure. We want people to know these songs, and most people will know them because it’s the record that they all have. I still believe in playing something from every record, especially on headlining shows. I mean we’ve got fans that have been with us since [the year] 2,000 who know some of the older stuff as well as the new stuff. We definitely won’t play any unreleased music, but we’ll play some gems for sure. I actually think we may do something where we have fans choose one of the songs every night. Probably give them four or five songs, and see which one they want to hear, so that’ll be a cool little twist on it as well.

GB: This tour stretches into October, but what are the plans after?

Jericho: We’ve already started working on new music. This tour’s been a huge success, it’s been 14 countries and over 100 shows so far. Any time you can do triple digits for any tour, it’s because the album was a success. So when this tour is done, I think there’s a tour in Australia that’s going to happen this year, and then after that it’s new album time. We already started writing the songs, and we’re going to be writing it until the end of the year. We’ll hopefully have it ready to go in the summertime, and then hit the road all over again. We’ve got a lot of momentum behind us, we’ve got our foot in the door in a big way, and now it’s time to kick the fucker open and keep the momentum rolling when you get it. We definitely want to take advantage of all the great things that have happened over the last couple of years.

GB: Very cool! I think how we’ll end this, is I’ll give you a couple quick response questions and then I’ll let you go, ok?

Jericho: For sure, for sure!

GB: Most Inspirational Metal album?

Jericho: Hmmm, well I’m not quite sure what you mean by that, but for me an album that inspires me to go and kick ass is still Master of Puppets. That’s the one that, whenever I need an emotional boost or energy boost, I can put that record on and know that it’s just going to take me away to a different place. Especially Battery, I think it’s still my favorite Metallica song. I think it’s the greatest opening track of all-time. So if you’re looking for inspiring me to want to kick ass during my day then it’s definitely that.

GB: Yeah, that’s what I was going for. I actually had the chance to see them at Orion this year for the first time and they were absolutely amazing!

Jericho: Yeah! They’re always great.

GB: Ok, so what’s your favorite food and drink while you’re on tour?

Jericho: Well, I have a pretty strict diet. I have the caveman diet that I’ve been doing for the last few years. I love roast chicken, berries, and water with ice. The water has to have ice in it. I love drinking water as long as there’s ice in it. When it comes time after the show to have some drinks, it’s Grey Goose on ice. If you drink high quality vodka on ice, you’ll never get a hangover. That’s the prescription from Dr. Jericho.

Chris Jericho 4

GB: (Laughing) I will make note of that! What band have you learned the most from when you’ve been on the road?

Jericho: Once again probably Metallica. We’ve had the opportunity to play with them a number of times in the UK and we did a tour with them in Australia. Just [seeing] how professional they are, how classy they are, and how they run things. It’s a real education. Not just watching them live. I mean live, there’s obviously so much energy and so much positive vibe. It’s funny, only Metallica can get away with having 50,000 people chant “die,” and make it a positive, fun thing. Just seeing everything from their production to their security, to their sound guys, to the dressing room people; it’s a really cool organization. It’s always really interesting to watch how they do things. Not just onstage, but everything leading up to it.

GB: Last, but not least, what is the most distracting thing you’ve ever seen onstage?

Jericho: Well it’s always nice to see big boobs. I remember Indianapolis on Uproar, one of my favorite gigs. I saw six moshpits, and six pairs of tits. Even if they’re not great tits. Tits are like pizza, even if they’re not great, they’re still great.

Jericho and GB: (Laughing)

Jericho: One distraction that always throws you off your game is when there are fights in the crowd. I don’t like that at all. You’re not so much worried about your gig, you’re worried about someone getting hurt. That’s a bad distraction. Tits good, fights bad.

GB: (Laughing) There’s a quote for you!

Jericho: (Laughing) There’s your headline.

GB: Well I can’t thank you enough man. I can’t wait to see you guys in Flint. Thanks again for your time, we really appreciate it!

Jericho: We’re excited too, and just one last thing. It’s cool to come to the Machine Shop, because it’s one of those places like CBGB’s. Everybody has heard of it, but we’ve never played there before. We’re really excited to get a chance to play at the famous Machine Shop. We’re looking forward to it.

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