Welcome to Medieval Land Fun-Time World! A Bad Lip Reading: Game of Thrones

Who thought Game of Thrones could be possible be improved on? Well Bad Lip Reading has somehow managed to do it with their brand new YouTube video. If you have never heard of this comedy musical group before then now is a perfect time to do so.

They do exactly what their name suggests. They look at a some video and replace the audio track with their own dialogue. This often results in hilarious outcomes. This one though, well it has to be their best video so far. Re-imagining the Game of Thrones series as a cheeky comedy where Eddie Stark needs to get his staff in tip-top shape for the opening of the new theme park: Medieval Fun-Time World.

Medieval Fun Time World theme park 2

Below is the video which you will definitely be watching twice:

As you can see this video is quite simply amazing to watch. Not only does it seem to have every Joffrey slapping scene from the series, it also manages to give all the characters new personalities which are just brilliant. My favorites have to be Tyrion Lannister re-imagined as a hardcore pimp like character, and Joffrey as a self titled love god.

bad lip reading game of thrones theme park 3

The new storyline of a theme park works surprisingly well, as does the re-edited interactions between the new characters. Absolutely incredible, you can watch this countless times and find new jokes in it. Who can resist jokes that involve prolonged flatulence and kitten burgers? There is a mix of Waiting and National Lampoons Animal House here, yet it still retains a unique charm. Check out the Bad Lip Readings YouTube channel for more videos covering all kinds of topics.

Finally we will leave you with another of their videos showing all the deleted and expanded scenes they could not squeeze in. Enjoy.

[Ed. Note – The iPhone gag in the 2nd video is priceless]

I really want to go to Medieval Land Fun-Time World…

bad lip reading game of thrones poster

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