5 KickStarter Projects That Need Your Help!

Grizzly Bomb has gone KickStarter crazy! After the release of the Kick Starter Chronicles, it seemed the best way to follow this up would be with (you guessed it) another article on KickStarter! Here are 5 small projects which could use a cash injection from you, the dear reader.

30 Years of Garbage – The Garbage Pail Kids Story by Sean Tiedeman

kick starter garbage pail kids

For a generation of children, The Garbage Pail Kids were the naughtiest thing since Mad Magazine. Always gross and disturbing, they were also hugely collectable as a card set and even more fun when they introduced small figures to collect. Kids in the school yard would take great joy in showing off their collections and these small children soon grew into adults that saw these items as collectables, a memory of their childhood they could now own. Well this project celebrates the 30 year history of these misfit children with a proposed documentary on the subject which proves to delve deep into the reasons why we love these gross out kids so much.

Twenty Four by Thirty Six – Documentary on Movie Posters by Kevin Burke

kick starter poster art

Grizzly Bomb loves celebrating artwork and with the rise of Mondo, the collecting of poster art has sky rocketed. You have to be a very lucky customer to get hold of Mondo prints nowadays, but this desire for collecting poster art is not a new thing. We have always been fascinated by the gorgeous art of posters which years before the internet were the best way of getting people into the cinema seats. It is this love of poster art which the documentary TwentyFour proudly covers. With the top poster artists of this generation involved and a look back into the history of this art form, this will be incredible movie and a stunning example of some of the best art examples and artists out there.

Hollywood is Dead Coffee Table Art Book by Matt Busch

kick starter hollywood is dead

Just when you thought there could not be any more amazing artwork projects on KickStarter after Twenty-Four, this beauty comes along. Matt Busch is a superb artist who has done some incredible pieces of art, but for this reviewer, it is his zombie work that intrigues the most. If you are unfamiliar with his work then this book could be the perfect jumping in point. Matt creates some of the most grotesque reproductions of popular posters by turning everyone on them into zombies. This book will cover all his artwork and some added extras. If you like zombies or just like some blooming good artwork, then this is going to be the book for you.

Banjo Feature Film by Liam Regan

kick starter banjo

From my homeland of the UK, comes Liam Regan with his proposed movie Banjo. Now I first saw the short Banjo at a Horror convention in the UK and it blew me away. Liam is a huge Troma fan and his original short shared that companies sense of humor and splatter effects all mixed in with a truly shocking ending which made quite a few of the male audience members winch in shock. Now Banjo could become a feature film if it gets the funding and it would be great to see this shocking little short padded out into an even more shocking feature film. If his promo trailer is anything to go by then it will be incredible. Be warned the trailer is for adults only.

Wrestling with Pixels – The World Tour of Wrestling Games by Audun Sorlie and Matthew Greg

kick starter pixel wrestling

Fans of wrestling and computer gaming can rejoice because finally there is a book for you. This book (from some of the team behind the hilarious Botchamania shows) titled Wrestling with Pixels covers the entire history of wrestling in computer games. The book not only covers the history of this genre of entertainment but also looks into how some of the key players felt about these games, the strict control of the content of these games and the links between games and wrestling. As a subject that has never been approached in detail before, this will be an incredible read for fans of computer games and wrestling alike.

Finally, because we recently celebrated the Doctor’s 50th Anniversary, we leave you with an already funded KickStarter Project which will amaze every Whovian and will give us all something to think about when we look into the night sky.

 kick starter tardis in space

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