The Evil Within

The Evil Within: The Most Horrific Haunts

The Evil Within is going out of its way to actually frighten you. This survival horror game is all about the tense feeling you experienced during extended sessions of classics like Resident Evil and Silent Hill. The psychotic denizens who will chase you and try to rip your soul from your living frame are some of the scariest creatures in gaming history. We managed to speak with Shinji Mikami, the brains behind The Evil Within, who gave us a description of the creepy bastards who exist to make your life a living hell. Stop bein’ a lil’ punk and make sure you’re ready to combat these horrific haunts.


Voiced by Academy Award nominee Jackie Earle Haley, Ruvik is the main antagonist in The Evil Within. Shrouded in mystery and cloaked in a sinister hood, you never know when Ruvik will make an appearance.

The Evil Within

The Keeper

The Keeper came about a year and a half into development. He was nicknamed “Boxman” by the team and ultimately became a character that changed the look of The Evil Within and turned it into the game you see today.

The Evil Within

Laura Creature

The Laura Creature’s design was aiming to blend Japanese monsters with Western creatures, which resulted in putting her on all fours and having her move like a spider. Classic Japanese horror films inspired her look, as they usually feature creepy women with long, dark hair. The creature wears shoes in order to keep a piece of her humanity in her design, but we don’t recommend sticking around long enough to notice.

The Evil Wihin

The Haunted

Although sluggish, The Haunted are not to be trifled with. While all undead are called The Haunted, they vary visually and can be seen using various weapons.

The Evil Within


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