Comi-con International

Comic-Can’t? How To Enjoy Comic-Con Weekend Without The Con

If you aren’t one of the lucky horde to be descending on San Diego, California this weekend for the  46th annual  Comic-Con International, you certainly aren’t alone.

You could sit at home and check in on social media while your friends snap selfies with Joss Whedon at roof top parties (I’m looking at you, Rob), or you could buck the system and have your own fun in Hall H(ome).

Costumes from Man of Steel Image: Alex J. Berliner / ABImages, courtesy of FIDM Museum)

For those missing out on all the epic cosplay  on the con floor, why not hit a museum to check out some historic fashion? West coasters can check out FIDM (Fasion Isntitute of Design and Mechendising) features examples of historic fashions and film costumes. The best part, it’s free!! If you feel the added need to catch a glimpse of your favorite geeky stars, nearby Hollywood is home to both the Hollywood Wax Museum and the famous Madam Tussauds, which has locations world wide. You’ll probably see Batman here as well.

If you’re across the pond and the wax celebrities of Tussauds famous London location aren’t your cup of tea, you can always pop over to the Fashion and Textile Museum, also located in London.

East coasters can check out the plethora of exhibits, historic and pop culture alike, housed at the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C., not to mention the real life space crafts at the National Air and Space Museum. If you happen to be  in the big apple, take the train over to the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan. Time square’s costumed buskers and crowded streets can likewise duplicate the Con experience.

Con food is nothing to write home about, so why not take Home-Con 2015 to the next level and set yourself up with some geektastic recipes from The Geeky Chef? Recipes like  the Adventure Time inspired bacon pancakes, or some Harry Potter inspired pumpkin juice will have you eating like the King Baratheon himself, no waiting in line required.

Romulan Ale Recipe Image: The Geeky Chef

Still not convinced you can have as much fun as your con bound brethren? Throw a mini con of your own.

A two-day table top tournament with pot luck food supplied by friends? Or, for the less adventurous, there is always a weekend viewing of the extended edition of Lord of the Rings, or a binge marathon of the late, great Firefly. Cosplay optional.

Whatever you do to fill the void this weekend, remember you are not alone, and if that isn’t enough to ease the twang of envy you get with every new Instagram post from the convention, here is a list of up coming cons that you can still look forward to. Stay strong, my couch surfing friends, we can get through this together, one Netflix episode at a time. Or you can start your own con, with black jack and hookers.

What are you doing to ease the pain this weekend? Share your geeky plans with us in the comments below or visit Grizzly Bomb’s Facebook page.

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