Steampunk’d Maker Charles Mason Sits Down With GB

The steam punk genre, born of a love of early 19th century science and literature, is in the spotlight on GSN’s (Game Show Network) new show Steampunk’d

Grizzly Bomb sat down with competitor, or Maker, and week one fan favorite Charles Mason (Hilsboro, Oregon). Charles is a former pastry chef and one of 10 makers chosen to show their stuff on the new show, which features decorating challenges with pseudo-Victorian mechanical steampunk style, and a little industrial age ingenuity. The Makers will be challenged to marry objects from the past and present in order to create steampunk designs in a functioning design, and one Maker will be eliminated each week.The finale promises a fully realized Steampunk’d manor and the winner will take home a $100,000 grand prize.


For those not familiar with steampunk style, it was featured prominently in the 1999 film Wild Wild West (Will Smith, Kevin Kline), and more recently in the 2009 Robert Downey Jr. incarnation of Sherlock Holmes.

Mason, who has been creating steam punk inspired art in various forms for the last 6 years, jumped at the opportunity to represent the community he now considers family;

One day I  received an email asking me if I was interested in being on a steampunk tv show. They liked my look and I said yes I’m in.

Mason says, noting his total lack of hesitation to join the cast and take up the challenge of competitive design. Though he may have decided to take up the challenge without a thought, he does take this oppurtunity seriously;

I have a chance for this world to finally see my face,  and the man behind the mask. To show that I have what it really takes not only as a artist but a steampunk artist.

The show combines several interior design elements, with the unique twist of steam punk engineering, allowing makers to showcase their varied skills. Masons work in pastry was one step on his journey to his creative destiny, but he gives credit to the time he spent working at Alex in Wonderland, a special effects studio in Burbank,California.

I learned and gained my fire for my creative genius.” Masons says, adding ” Mike McGee gave me my chance to be extraordinary.

Mason moved from California to Oregon to be close to his wife’s family, and found himself creating steampunk inspired deliciousness, bringing him close to what truly makes him happy.

charles mason house

I just didn’t want to be a regular pastry chef and I knew this would make me stand out.

charles mason shop

Mason was initially drawn to the steampunk community by the diversity of the characters and the intricate costumes, but it was what he found in the community that made him dedicate himself to what he calls the steampunk life.

Its the community how close they are to each other like one big family that i wanted to be apart of” he says, and adds his promise to represent the community as best he can, “Its a great honor to represent the steampunk family. They know me and my work,  and like my own family name i will not tarnish OUR family in anyway. I love the steampunk community they are my family from coast to coast.

Check out Charles Masons skills in Steampunk’d’s third week this Wednesday on GSN, check local listings.

Are you a fan of the show? Have a steampunk dream all your own? Tell us what you think in the comments below, or join the conversation on Grizzly Bomb’s Facebook page.

Images: Charles Mason, GSN

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