No Redeeming Qualities: I Could Fight 12 Michael Jacksons

Here at GrizzlyBomb, we put a great deal of effort into cultivating some of the best and most relevant content that you, our audience, would find important. Today, we’re giving you something different.

If our regular offerings were the equivalent of a nice candlelit dinner, then this is sneaking into the movies at the shittier mall in town after you and your old college buddy have a few beers. That being said, GrizzlyBomb is proud to announce our newest partnership with No Redeeming Qualities Podcast!

Two of our prior cohorts from another website life years ago, who prefer to be known solely as Bob and Zipp, combine forces in their bi-weekly comedy podcast, running the gamut from comics and movies to candy and monsters. We’ll be bringing them to you regularly, and maybe even appearing with them in the future, to update and inform you on all the trivialities in the nerd universe that you may have missed, or just never dared venture to think about. So please, give them a chance, for the love of god (This is all they have going for them!).

To date, the guys have published 16 episodes of the show (we’re a little late on the upstart here), so we’re just gonna start with the newest episode;

Episode 16 – I Could Fight 12 Michael Jacksons

Bob and Zipp finally checked their email and decided to answer some viewer questions. Such gems include who would win in a fight between the Yeti and The Creature From The Black Lagoon, the worst way to receive a million dollars, and the worst thing Bob has ever done drunk. Also, Zipp laughs AT Bob, not WITH Bob.

Be sure to like them on NRQ Facebook, follow them on Soundcloud and iTunes, and feel free to direct any questions, comments, and requests to

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