Olivia Cooke to Star in Spielberg’s Ready Player One

Olivia Cooke has become quite the hot commodity lately after her starring role in the indie flick Me and Earl and the Dying Girl. There have also been rumors swirling about her being on the short list of candidates for a lead role in Star Wars Episode VIII. The 21 year old’s stock doesn’t look like it’s going dive anytime soon either, now that she has landed the lead role of Art3mis in Steven Spielberg’s upcoming adaptation of Ready Player One.

Olivia Cooke Me and Earl and the Dying Girl - Ready Player One Casting
Olivia Cooke in Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

The movie will be based off of the novel of the same name, written by Ernest Cline, and set in a futuristic dystopian society in which an extraordinarily gifted programmer named James Halliday creates a realistic virtual world called OASIS. Naturally he makes an unfathomable amount of money which he then, not so naturally, upon his passing decides to leave to whomever solves his Easter Egg hunt, which is laden with various references to early video games and television shows from the 1980s.

Maybe the ET Atari game will be among the clues...
Maybe the ET Atari game will be among the clues…

In the novel the Easter Egg hunt loses popularity and interest until the novel’s main protagonist, Wade Watts (who goes by the name Parzival in the OASIS game world) manages to figure out the first clue. It’s this event that sparks renewed interest from others in Halliday’s hunt.

As you may have already guessed, Cooke’s character Art3mis, is one of the other egg hunters or “gunters.” As of this writing, not very much is known about the film’s development and Cooke is the only actor attached to the film. That said, there have been some whispers swirling out there that Spielberg is trying to lure Gene Wilder out of retirement for a lead role in Ready Player One.

So Ready Player One fans, what do you think of Olivia Cooke being cast as Art3mis? Do you think Spielberg made the right call or is there another actress you had on your wish list for the role?

Speaking of Spielberg, check out the BBC’s List of 100 Greatest American Movies or Steven Soderbergh’s Silent Film Recut Of Raiders of the Lost Ark, and since we love the idea of Gene Wilder in the film so much be sure to revisit our Countdown to Halloween: Young Frankenstein!

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