No Redeeming Qualities: I Don’t Want The Sugar On My Grits

Grizzly Bomb is proud to continue our partnership with the  No Redeeming Qualities Podcast! And just one week into said partnership, Bob has already flaked on us. Filling in for Bob this week is former show guest Robbie, so no worries.

For those unaware, regular podcast hosts Bob and Zipp were former members of the Bam Kapow family, a site that became the catalyst for GB, and where many of our staff started out and met.

So anyhow, here is the newest episode of the NRQ podcast, complete with on-air plug for the very site you’re reading!


When Bob is unavailable to record, what does Zipp do? He turns to former guest and long time friend Rob to assist him in hosting duties. Listen and enjoy as they discuss the presidential election, Black Lives Matter, dollar stores, and how they met. Also, a special announcement is made that is sure to excite all 14 of No Redeeming Qualities’ fans!

And don’t worry about the topics, Robbie is black, so he’s allowed to talk about this stuff.

Be sure to like them on NRQ Facebook, follow them on Soundcloud and iTunes, and feel free to direct any questions, comments, and requests to

Images: Quaker, Domino Sugar


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