More Than 25 Years Later, The Warriors Return to Coney Island

Last weekend, on famous Coney Island in New York, there was  a reunion as stars of the 1979 cult classic showed up at The Warriors Coney Island Reunion for a special screening of the movie at the Surf Pavilion.  Among those in attendance were Cleon, Cochise, Vermin, Fox and Swan.

If you’ve never seen The Warriors, you’re missing out. It’s about a truce between all the street gangs in NYC, so they can attend a summit called by Cyrus, leader of New York’s most powerful gang – the Gramercy Riffs.

At the meeting, Cyrus is assassinated by a lone bullet and the summit’s participants scatter back to their respective turfs. From here, the Warriors’ night deteriorates into a gauntlet of would be executioners who blame the Coney Island crew for the slaying. They must then make their way back home, unaided and on the run from an army of gang members.


Like the ancient Greek tale Anabasis, which served as the inspiration for the novel that would later become this movie, the Warriors find themselves far from home, surrounded by enemies, and without their leader. Last Sunday however, for the actors that portrayed them – that wasn’t the case. Instead they were surrounded by adoring fans, and in a location that must of felt at least a little like home.

The site Man’s Life has coverage of the event, complete with pictures and some interview snippets, wherein the guys divulge some of their favorite memories from shooting the movie and how they prepared for the physicality of the roles.

Dorsey Wright’s (Cleon) favorite part was filming an opening scene that was ultimately cut from the movie, where Cleon’s girlfriend warns him against attending the meeting. Michael Beck (Swan) discussed his 5 mile daily runs, and going to the YMCA to lift weights at 2:30 am. Terry Michos (Vermin), David Harris (Cochise) and Tom Waites (Fox) all seemed inline about the bond that was formed while shooting, and how they remain close today.

Seems like it was a good event, and nice turnout for a movie that maybe doesn’t get as much attention as it deserves. Are you a fan of The Warriors? Does Sully, the leader of the Orphans remind you of a young Jeff Goldblum? Did you ever want to dress up like one of the Furries? Can you dig it?  Let us know.

If you’re a fan of the Warriors, you might also enjoy the films of Nikkastu, this Critters Fan-Film, or Night of the Creature, which is a short comedy inspired by The Thing, which starred Thomas G. Waites as ‘Windows’.

Images: Paramount Pictures

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