Lionsgate Wants Drew Goddard to Make Another Cabin in the Woods Movie

Cabin in the Woods was one of our favorite movies in 2012 and it looks like we weren’t the only one who loved it. Lionsgate has offered director/ co-writer of the film Drew Goddard a shot at the sequel.

Despite having a pretty modest box office total, Cabin in the Woods was highly reviewed and surprised many people who were convinced by the throughly thought out media coverage that it was going to be nothing more than another teenage horror movie. Cabin in the Woods was a new age parody of horror films without the tackiness of the later Scary Movie sequels AND it was actually scary.


However, given the ending, there doesn’t really seem to be a need for another one. With the sequel/reboot entertainment culture we are surrounded with, it would almost be nice to see a movie to stand alone. Especially with something like Cabin in the Woods that really revolutionized how to do a meta horror movie. It seems Goddard feels the same way as he suggested in an interview that he has yet to accept the offer.

“…the fun thing about Cabin is, the rules are pretty crazy. We get away with a lot of crazy stuff. So, I’m sure we could figure it out if we got inspired to. I know Joss [Whedon] and I both feel like we don’t want to tarnish what we did with the first one. With a sequel, we’d only do it if it made us laugh hard enough, I suppose.”

Hopefully, if we do get to see a sequel it will be done tactfully. One of the most successful things about the original was it’s comedic value resided in the characters actually existing in their universe and not acknowledging the audience, which seems like the easy way to do a parody these days. Cabin in the Woods was smart and well acted and didn’t need to have forced comedy to make it’s point.


All I’m saying is, if you’re going to do a sequel, do it right, or don’t do it at all.

For more on The Cabin in the Woods, or just horror movies in general, stay tuned in with Grizzly Bomb during our Countdown to Halloween!

Images: Lionsgate

Cabin in the Woods
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