The CW Releases Character Posters for Legends of Tomorrow

So as I wrote about earlier, the new DC/CW show Legends of Tomorrow is set to premiere in about a month. Check back to take a look at the trailer that was released a couple of weeks ago. Now they have released character posters for the entire team! Take a look.

The team seems pretty badass in these promo posters, but I am a little wary of how well they will work together. It seems like a pretty big jumble of characters, and while I am really excited to see more of the characters we’ve already met, I am curious as to how the blend of new and old characters will work, and how much of the established characters’ existence in prior shows will be used.

It is always a risk putting together a show that has little to no comic or canonical history, but still using comic book characters. The more time I’ve had to think about this team coming together, the more and more odd I find it. However, with those feelings aside, I do have faith in the network to put together a show of substance. None of these thoughts diminish my excitement for the show. I will be tuning in at prime time Thursday nights starting January 21, and you should do the same!

Images: The CW

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