Hasbro Gets Schooled in the Force by Future Jedi

We’re now two full weeks into January, and if you haven’t seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens, I have two things to say.  One: DUDE.  How can you have waited so long??? And Two: we’ve kept our mouths shut about spoilers for well over three weeks now and if you get spoiled, it’s not our fault anymore.

That being said, one of the blogs I follow, The Legion of Leia, run by epic geek Jenna Busch, has just managed to do something amazing for geek girls everywhere.

Recently, Hasbro introduced the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens Monopoly game.  The game pieces signaled outrage to geeks everywhere.  The four game pieces? Luke Skywalker with his Return of the Jedi Green Lightsaber, the ever fabulous ex-storm trooper Finn, the newest villain Kylo Ren and Darth Vader.

Wait, what?  Darth Vader isn’t even IN the new movie (other than his melted and twisted helmet), and the movie’s epic badass main character, the female heroine Rey, is nowhere to be found.

This isn’t the first complaint female nerds have had about Rey being missing from promotional toys all over retail stores.  There’s a set of actions figures sold at places like Target and Toys ‘R’ Us that have every male character from the movie, but not the film’s lead.

Even the director, J.J. Abrams is unhappy about the exclusion of Rey in Star Wars merchandising, as stated at a TCA press conference recently:

“I will say that it seems preposterous and wrong that the main character of the movie is not well represented in what is clearly a huge piece of the Star Wars world in terms of merchandising.” Abrams also stated that “it doesn’t quite make sense why she wouldn’t be there. She’s somewhat important in the story.”

The geek community, which includes 8-year-old Annie Rose Goldman, was not happy. So Ms. Annie Rose Goldman wrote a letter to Hasbro about the exclusion of Rey from the Monopoly game, and it went viral. So much so, that it actually caused Hasbro to tweet back to Annie Rose’s mom that they were going to change the game and add Rey.

This may seem like no big deal.  But to female geeks and nerds, often under-represented, this is a huge win.  No longer will we stand idly by and let the boys have all the toys.  Female geeks are a force to be reckoned with, and are looking to bring balance.

Images: Hasbro

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