Donate for the Chance to Become an Alien Overlord in Rick and Morty

Creators of Rick and Morty, Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, have teamed up with the (RED) campaign in the fight to end AIDS. Here are the details in this wonderfully awkward video made by the creators.

It’s no wonder that the show is as good as it is. Roiland and Harmon both seem to love these characters and are incredibly talented and creative, not to mention hilarious. It’s really awesome to see that they understand Rick and Morty’s popularity and are trying to help out a good cause.  Plus the chance to be an alien overlord in Rick and Morty is a pretty sweet prize.

Additionally, Roiland and Harmon have made other contributions to the campaign and if you do not win the voice over there are hard goods you can actually win. Check them out here.

With all the things that Rick and Morty have been up to recently, this one is first one for a good cause. So if you have $10 to spare, why not take the chance to be in everyone’s favorite TV show (and maybe a dinner from Dan Harmon…maybe)?

*If you win, ask if I can have that life-size Rick, because that would be the coolest thing I own. 

Images: Adult Swim, (RED), Omaze

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