Gotham Returns with Strange, Freeze, and Azreal in Tow

The villains have risen on the gritty streets of Gotham.

While Bat boy is working out puberty, Detective Jim Gordon and his partner Harvey Bullock have been busy dealing with the rise and fall of Theo Galavan, and the Penguin has formed an alliance with the Riddler. It’s been a busy first half for the show’s second season. Monday night, the second half of season 2 starts, and it promises plenty more comic baddies before we get our ultimate Dark Knight.

Penguin is in lock up, while Edward Nigma is still skulking around, but Gotham will be getting rather chilly…

While Freeze will be cooling things down, Fans can look forward to a dose of Strange to keep things interesting…

B.D Wong’s creepily accurate Doctor Hugo Strange will be every bit as bad as fans hope,

“What [he] is doing in there is indeed very, very bad. Imagine the worst thing someone might do. Then multiply that by 10.” Wong told The Insider.
But that’s not all, perhaps the biggest spoiler of all is the return, of sorts, of aforementioned Theo Galavan. After his death, Galavan’s body is swept off to the mysterious Indian Hill research Lab, and the results have fan boys everywhere squeeing with glee.

First look at Azrael in season 2 of Gotham! #azrael #gotham

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Galavan and The Sacred Order of St. Dumas aren’t giving up their claim on Gotham after being seemingly defeated earlier this season, and the comic accurate version of Azrael may prove to be Jim Gordon’s biggest challenge yet.

While Azrael has a dubious origin story, comic fans will know him as a figure more similar to Batman himself, an anti-hero who does what is right in the long run. So, will Azrael be friend or foe to Gordon and his team, and will his dear sister Tabitha Galavan (Tigress) join his side? Only time will tell.

Gotham Season 2 returns on Monday Feb 29th, check local listings.

gotham freeze

Looking forward to getting back to Gotham? What other heroes and villains would you like to see grace the small screen. Tell us in the comments below, or join the conversation on Grizzly Bomb’s Facebook page.

Images: Fox, DC Comics

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