Herald: Lovecraft And Tesla Teaming Up For The Small Screen

The rights to Action Lab Entertainment’s comic series Herald: Lovecraft and Tesla have been acquired by Romark Entertainment, in partnership with Markerstone Pictures as a possible television series.

Herald, created by writer John Reilly and artists Tom Rogers and Dexter Weeks, “is an alternate universe story in which a time-traveling Nikola Tesla teams up with writer H.P. Lovecraft and other historical figures to save the world from various cosmic horrors.”


Historical characters appear throughout the story line; the television series will largely stick to this premise. The source material itself is a sort of League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen mash-up, one that bridges the two main characters relationship with such eminent historical figures as Amelia Earhart, Harry Houdini, Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein. Taking a look at Vol 1. of Herald, titled History In The Making, it’s already apparent that the show could be something unique, funny, creatively designed and incredibly ambitious:

“While searching for Amelia Earhart, famed inventor Nikola Tesla is forced to work with reclusive horror writer HP Lovecraft as they race against a conspiracy of Cthulhu cultists for an extant copy of the original Necronomicon.”

The new deal to bring Herald to the small screen will have newcomer Jared Battaglia working behind the scenes to adapt the comic into a TV series.


Check out Herald’s Facebook page for news, and remember to keep a look-out here at Grizzly Bomb for further updates.

Images: Action Lab Entertainment

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